Southwest Adventures with Go Dog Go

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Traveling with Dog through the canyons of the southwest


  • 1. Southwestern Bound The Adventures of Go Dog Go By J.H. Hembree

2. Where did Dog Go? 1 to Las Vegas, Nevada 2 to Zion National Park 3 to Coral Sands State Park 4 to Willis Slot Canyon 5 to Bryce Canyon National Park 6 to Grand Canyon National Park 7 to Antelope Canyon in Arizona 8 and back to Las Vegas 3. To the rocks! To the Rocks! 4. Backpack dog 5. Hiking dog. 6. Sit on the bus dog. 7. Out on a limb dog. 8. A dog on a prickly cactus. 9. A dog in the yellow flowers. 10. A scared dog sitting on a cart. 11. A silly dog sitting on a brown sign. 12. Do you like my friends? Help! Wheres the key? 13. A hoo-doo dog at Bryce Canyon. 14. A brave dog at the Grand Canyon 15. A dog on bumpy red rocks. 16. A dog on sandy red rocks. 17. A dog on wavy red rocks. 18. A glowing dog in Antelope Canyon. 19. Do you like my dinosaur tracks? 20. Thats all folks! Have a good day!