Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

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  • 3 Undergraduate CreditsSept. 6 Dec. 20, 2011This course is offered fully online; each student will also meet twice with the instructor via online videoconference

    Instructor: Mark T. Lehman holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Spanish and History Teaching from Montana State University, 2008. He also minored in Latin American and Latino Studies and has traveled extensively, including to the Spanish-speaking countries of Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. He currently teaches Spanish at Belgrade High School and has taught Medical Span-ish as an adjunct instructor at MSU. He is working towards a Masters degree in Spanish Teaching through Southern Oregon University in Gua-najuato, Mxico.

    For Course Information: Contact Mark Lehman,

    Registration Questions: MSU Extended University, (406) 994-6683, toll free (866) 540-5660,

    Register on-line at

    Course description includes required books and materials, computer requirements, and cost. If minimum enrollment for this course is not met, the course may be cancelled and fees fully refunded. See

    Spanish for Healthcare ProfessionalsSPNS 291-50 Fall 2011 994-6550 (866) 540-5660 TOLL-FREE

    This course will provide healthcare industry professionals with a foundation to work and converse with Spanish-speaking patients. This course is designed for students who have little or no previous college Spanish as well as intermediate and advanced Spanish language learners. Students will learn the basics of interviewing in Spanish, participate in a real-world learning experience, and discuss articles focused on health care in Latin America and the United States.

    Students will:DevelopculturalcompetencyofLatino

    medical issues in and outside of the U.S.Applyspecificallytargetedsetsof

    Spanish vocabulary/grammar to medical conversation


    Engagewithguest-speakingLatino/non-Latino medical professionals

    Establishfoundationforfurtherstudyofthe Spanish language and Latino culture

    Pre-requisitesNo Spanish experience is required. The

    course is designed to begin with basic, Spanish-language concepts so new language students can succeed. However, the targeted focus on both Latino culture and vocabulary and conversation used in health-care settings makesitunique,challenging,andbeneficialto advanced Spanish learners as well.

    Students do not need to be enrolled in an MSU program of study. Off-campus professionals are encouraged to enroll.

    New Montana State Online course


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