Student feedback for the first draft

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Student Feedback for First Draft

Student Feedback for the First DraftBy Elona Woodford, Charlie Weeks, Angel Duncil and Georgia Alliston

Feedback OneAfter showing them our first attempt at editing they gave us constructive criticism with most of them saying there are sections with the lip synching that are not always in synch with the music. So to correct this we will adjust the speed of the clips in these sections and adjust the position they are in. This makes the videos look as if our artist is actually singing then.

This is the section of the video where people said the lip synching was a bit out.

Feedback TwoAnother piece of feedback we got was that throughout the video we see too much of the artist and that we needed more people in the shot for example mini crowds around when filming sections. This is because they felt that you saw too much of the artists.

To fix this we will need to re-film on another day and make sure more people are with us when we go so that we are able to create our own crowd without needing to receive the consent of people in the public.As you can see in the different locations that we filmed in all you really see is the artist.

Feedback ThreeThe idea that you saw too much of the artist further links to the next piece of feedback that we were given, because we also got told that we needed to include more cutaways. This is because it will enable us to establish the location we are in and help not only make the video more interesting but also make it make more sense.To complete this we will also need to re-film and we will do this on the same filming day as the crowd shots. So to make sure we get enough cut away shots that are relevant, we will try to film as much as we can throughout the day.This one of the very few cutaways that we have showing how we need more in it and it still involves the artist.

Positive FeedbackHowever we did also receive good feedback, as to what they enjoyed when watching our video. Most of them said that they thought the performance of the artist was good and suited the song and the sound of the voice was believable. Also they said how they really enjoyed our behind the scene sections throughout, it was just a shame that there was not more of them.To act on this feedback we will try to include more of the behind the scenes sections in our video and this will further help us to create more cutaways during the video.This is one part where we included behind the scenes shots that people enjoyed.