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<ol><li> Pear.ly/ceiej ShellyTerrell.com Teaching with Listening Tools &amp; Apps </li><li> I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I'm going to learn, I must do it by listening. ~ Larry King </li><li> http://rockingyourrole.wordpress.com/tag/chinese-symbol-for-listen/ </li><li> Some listening tasks </li><li> Intervue.me </li><li> Add subtitles to a silent lm with your voice Peanutgallerylms.com </li><li> PBS Fridge Magnet Game Bit.ly/pbsfridgegame Students replace words from an alternate word pool that makes sense in the sentence Sentence is then read aloud </li><li> Character Texts Email &amp; save recordings Embed on a blog, wiki, site Messages can be saved onto your computer No registraAon is required, with registraAon you can access your last recordings No limit to the recording You can rerecord messages Vocaroo.com </li><li> Voicethread.com Free iPad app Students doodle, comment by voice/ text Upload videos, images, documents </li><li> A few ideas </li><li> Audio Tools for Language Learners </li><li> Anita-kwiatkowska.blogspot.com Lyricstraining.com </li><li> TuneintoEnglish.com </li><li> Voxopop.com- Participate in Talk groups </li><li> MyEnglishClub.com- 70000+ Users </li><li> Englishcentral.com </li><li> AudioPuzzler.com </li><li> Audiopuzzler.com </li><li> Audiopuzzler.com </li><li> ELLLO.org </li><li> www.esl-lab.com </li><li> www.manythings.org </li><li> www.manythings.org </li><li> Listen-and-write.com </li><li> ListenAMinute.com </li><li> Cool Apps Schooltechnology.org Elementary students using the iPad in school.Flickingerbrad, Flickr, CC 2.0 </li><li> Character Texts Record voice messages back and forth Asynchrous Record a message oine, it updates when connected Voicee IOS App Itunes.apple.com/us/app/voicee!/id486604582?mt </li><li> Character TextsRecordium IOS App hQp://www.recordiumapp.com/ </li><li> Broadcast, record, play back &amp; share audio up to 60 minutes. Record by phone or the app Add up to 4 photos Great for podcasting ipadio.com </li><li> Educreations </li><li> Talking Ben &amp; Tom Newsreporter </li><li> Character Texts Adults narrate a story for a child, add their photo, then compile their voice-over to the images to create a movie. Email or post on Facebook or Youtube Child respond with a video narration Bunsella Bedtime App </li><li> Quick response Jeff rutzky's QR code chocolate treats by Ericskiff, Flickr Barcode </li><li> Add an audio comment </li><li> SoundCloud </li><li> Sound Cloud discussions </li><li> Character Texts QRvoice.net </li><li> Podcast by lordelo, Flickr Mobile Podcast Studio by Mediageek, Flickr Create Podcasts </li><li> Bookmarks here, http://pear.ly/ceiej </li><li> ShellyTerrell.com Pear.ly/ceiej </li></ol>