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1. Asad Nauman Presented By 2. Definition of teamworkDefinition of teamwork Teamwork is theTeamwork is the concept ofconcept of people workingpeople working together as atogether as a team for oneteam for one specific purposespecific purpose under the sameunder the same value.value. 3. Teamwork .... Why? Teams are a part of everyone's life. You're a member of a family team. So it's appropriate that you understand how to function effectively as a team member. 4. Improves the working environment.Improves the working environment. keeps communication consistent.keeps communication consistent. keeps communication lined open.keeps communication lined open. Relieves stress.Relieves stress. Reduces errors.Reduces errors. 5. Teamwork depends not only on your skills, but on your attitudes as well. 6. Shared Responsibility . . .Shared Responsibility . . . 7. Guidelines for Effective TeamGuidelines for Effective Team Listen and share informationListen and share information Communicate with each otherCommunicate with each other Talk about We not MeTalk about We not Me 8. Ask questions and get clarification. If an idea isn't clear to you, it is your responsibility to the team to ask questions until the matter is clarified. Guidelines for Effective Team 9. Conflict develops because we are dealing with people's lives, jobs, children, pride, self-concept, ego and sense of mission or purpose. 10. Poor communicationPoor communication Seeking powerSeeking power Dissatisfaction with management styleDissatisfaction with management style Weak leadershipWeak leadership Lack of opennessLack of openness Change in leadershipChange in leadership How conflict occursHow conflict occurs 11. 421 0011 0010 1010 1101 0001 0100 1011 12. Avoiding ConflictAvoiding Conflict Meet conflict head on Communicate frequently Communicate honestly Be honest about concerns Agree to disagree Discuss differences in values openly Make a plan and then stick to it