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Tech Pros

by :Lily, Ellie, Aaron and James's

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Who :ParentsWhat: To help them learn about our school

When: Whatever time

Where: Anywhere

Why: to see what their child is doing at school

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• Parents who want to find out about our school and are curious

• Also, family members that are abroad and don’t know much about there niece/nephews level.

• Also parents who struggle getting their child to tell them what they did at school.

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Problem Question

How can we help you learn more about our school?

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Key insight statements

• People who don’t know about are school ,because there child doesn't tell them currently try to ask them , but this does not work because they forget.

• Our key insight is that people need to get are app solution to help them overcome their problem.

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Mini elevator speech

My team ,Tech Pros, is developing an app to help parents and family members solve the problem of children not telling there parents what there doing at school and trying to go to a junior school.

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User Profile

Mrs Fisher

A loyal hard working mum who`s child goes to Westfield junior school and won`t tell her what happens at school Quote: "I want to know everything that my child does at school ,but doesn't tell me,”.

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Competitors or other solutions

There are no other competitors who have same idea as us , but that’s why we think are idea will be unique and one of a kind

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User stories

As a user I would like the app to tell me how my child is doing in school.As a user I would like the app to tell me all about the school. As a user I would like to now my child's levels .

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Business modelBusiness case

Who benefits from your app? Parents and family from abroad.Main target user Parents.

Others who benefit teachers who are looking for a job also children

Our business model All users pay Some users pay Somebody else pays

My team’s app WJS rating app. will operate a business model in which somebody else pays.My team has identified that Hampshire county council are willing to pay towards the app, because they will also get advertied in the article and video.

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Marketing stategy

Marketing StrategyAudience Through what Persuasive event Result

My marketing is aimed at parents.

A video on our website and a newspaper article.

The audience will find a promotional video that I made with my groupThe audience will read a short article I have written for Poultry Keeper

As a result of my video, I want them to share the video on the website. As a result of the article, I want them to complete a pledge to download my app once it is developed and launched.