The Benefits of Adding Pinterest to your Digital Marketing Strategies

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Pinterest is the newest social media platform that can boost referral traffic to your business's website. See how current social media trends are integrated into Pinterest and how it can benefit your online marketing strategies!


  • 1. Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people.Marina BarrettMKTG 7546Professor BreyUniversity of Memphis

2. US V. UKUSERS Infographic courtesy of 3. SPORTS Celtics have the largest following on Pinterest so far. Great way for sport teams to engage with the femaledemographic, and offer them content that cannot befound on Facebook , Twitter, or Google+. 4. WHOLE FOODS MARKET Pinterest allows us to curate images from across the webthat really speak to who we are as a company. Images thatreflect our core values and essentially communicate theessence of who we are. -Michael Bepko Whole Foods global online community manager 5. IMPACT ON CURRENT SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS Social Commerce Reward Programs Collaborative Consumption Share Button Job Searches on Social Media Managing Feedback 6. SOCIAL COMMERCE Social interactions anduser contributions tofacilitate in the buyingand selling of products. Pinterest offers the abilityto add the price of anitem to a pin. Connect with customersbased specifically on theirinterests. 7. SOCIAL MEDIAREWARDS PROGRAMS Reach beyond the typical Pin It to Win It. Ask for customer opinions. Have Pinterest followers vote on the trend they want tosee next season. Rewards can be based off a point system for likes,comments and re-pins.Harness the Power ofYour 8. JOB SEARCH Visual Resume Graphic Designer You can pin pictures of your work and other services you offer Financial Consultants You can pin photos that represent client goals, such as financial independence or financing education.Total Visits for the month of March. 9. COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION Redefining traditional sharing through newtechnologies and peer communities. Pinterest allows multiple collaborators on a board. Opportunity to interpret the lifestyle of your clientele. 10. WHOLE FOODS SUPPER HOT KITCHEN BOARD 11. SHARE BUTTON 12. PIN IT BUTTON ON PROFESSORBREY.COM 13. MANAGING FEEDBACKSource: 19 Tools For Pinterest Pros 14. MANAGING FEEDBACK Referral Traffic Hyperlinked Pictures Offers the ability to understand how customers perceive a product by viewing comments, board titles, and what pictures are being pinned. 15. INTERVIEWSKelly CarneyNicole CartierAssociate Commissioner ofDirector of New Media Marketing and Television Conference USAConference USA Great way to promote Creates perfect Supply andproducts.Demand economy for virtual sharing. Hopes to avoid advertising Snowball effect for start-upin the future. brands Wants Pinterest to grow Hopes for it to stay welltheir categories.organized in the future. 16. Questions?