The Birth of Seadragonz

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KER-Thump over the speed humps KER-Thud through the pot holes

The Story ofSeadragonzPaul Sadler 1st - its all your fault!!!!

So many others 1

It all started with a seed sown by Paul Sadler of Paul Sadler Swimland in Victoria, who asked Lari why she was wasting her time working for someone else who would not appreciate nor reward her talents. Lari had never considered the thought of her own swim school.Paul Sadler 1st - its all your fault!!!!

So many others 2

After a lot of thought Lari realised Paul was right and made the decision to jump off the cliff and see what it felt like. It was scary and exhilarating and Lari spent hours excited and thinking oh my gosh, what have I done.3

Being the first purpose built swim school in Western Australia we climbed over many speed humps and fell into a lot of pot holes.1st in WA benchmark for all othersCouncil dumb birds meeting with group red carpetHealth Dept State define rulesDrawing plans friends are awesomeSubmissions HD ok council and toilets - DUET BILL & LARI

moving wall 6cm change room doors 4 months

Process was 8 months

Finding a builder colin and joker - getting a builder in perth?? 4

At last, after kerthumping over speed humps and into potholes we finally broke ground.Party day5

Really oh really progress at last6

And so we got this far and that was all for monthsNow who worked out the number of bricks

Now they have to be got out8

The grandchildren found an awesome new playgroundAnd the children played

Hmmm what happens if i jump in it run through it

Tastes yummy

What fun

A pool with water in it even if it wasnt the right kind!!!

These children own the pool they know all the stories


The roof structure arrivesThe roof bits arrived

Story of the roof Dowerin one set of plans sitting in a girls house to redraw for ppl sent to 1 engineer and the story of how it goes


And then.........(toilet arrives)10

And in the meantime the weeds made a new homeWe waited

The water from winter dried out we had a sandy bottom again we had the 1st spring weeds starting to grow

But.....there were signs of a pool in the making11

One of the speed humps was the required over- engineering of the roof.

We were required to make this cyclone proof to 228kph.

Yes, we know that happens frequently in Perth.

Fact: In 1974 Cyclone Tracy knocked over Darwin with 217kph winds.

The drums for the posts

+ same for next pic12

Each pole sits in a 44 gallon drum of solid concrete.

Looking good mighty good work Colin very straight look at that perfect alignment with the angle bits and all

Col was amazing no idea but cluey and so willing to shell be right well work it out!! Couldnt have got better14

The baby eucalypts joined the weeds in their new home.And grew some more and even the trees decided well we may as well start growing again lots of space to grow

I dont think so!!!!!15

The tiger snake also thought he had found a new home.And the tiger snake took up resident in the pool jungle16

And now it looks like a hole with a wall around it

One complete wall

NOW THAT IS SATISFACTION and signs of progress we hope????

WRONG AGAIN labour on holidays lost plot never to return!! But he forgot to tell the brickie!!!

And.....The pool men returned to start doing some touches now that WE were progressing pic17

Furiously working men making the perfect floor slopes. They were threatened with drowning if there was puddling water.AND THE MEN WERE ON THEIR KNEES

Hand trowel 12 of them there one pour no cracks, blah blah18

Ever the perfectionist!!!19

Decision makersAnd the men discussed some more

Still making it up and working it out as we went along

Until Wow oh wow we started to see even more buliding!!20

Roof top constructionBeginning of roof construction

Jade from Narrogin long drive you would all kill for employees of this calibre country boy

Now you really see what making it up as you go along was all about!!!


And we work until the job is done!And yes i can do anything under the moonlight!!23

But at time i need a little help

Back the next day 2 hours there and back every day he had to come up made the most of it as u have seen24

And the cover goes onThe roof covering slides on in one piece is easily replaced -10 year warranty on fabric.

+ next two slides and then tightened26

Weeding timeAnd it was time for the weeding program to begin

Forward HO!!28

Pool completion beginsAnd the final stages of pool construction were under way29

The walls were rendered.......30

Ready for the floor pour.......31

Vinyl liner is completed welded to the concreteStarting the welding of the vinyl all welded no spot welds only the best for Seadragonz + next slide35

Water would be goodAnd the grandchildren waitedAnd the children waited some more

These kids were hanging out!!!!37

Oh Well running lanes will do probably the only opportunity we will ever get !!!38

Water at lastAnd at long last...........we get to put water in!!!!!

Now when can we get in!!!!39

The dogs watched the final stages possibly pondering that their regular ball throwers and playmates (the construction crew) would be around no longer.Meeting Canine inspection does this mean we cant run along the concrete anymore? And Holly wants to know if her obliging ball throwers were going to end40

Finishing touchesThe sign goes up note it is the female on the roof!!!

+ next slide41

The final touches

Car park

Story of blanket

Bio Cycle system

Ledge markers

The heater

Now to preparations for finding staff........did a group session at the zoo42

January 29, 2007

Day 1And Finally..........

My birthday43

National Swim Australia Awards 2008 - Community Service AwardPresented by Hayley Lewis & Karni Liddell

National Swim Australia Awards 2009 Community Service AwardPresented by Hayley Lewis

National Swim Australia Awards 2009 Australias Most Environmentally Friendly Swim SchoolPresented by Jessica Schipper

WA Chamber of Commerce Business Development Award 2009

WA Environment Awards 2009 Small Business Leading by Example

WA Environmental Awards 2009 Overall Winner

National Swim Australia Awards 2010 Best Swim School Marketing AwardPresented by Tracey Wickham & Emily Seebolm

WA Chamber of Commerce 2010 Certificate of Merit

National Swim Australia Awards 2011Presented by Libby Trickett

National Savewater! Awards 2011 - Finalist

National Swim Australia Awards 2012Most Environmentally Friendly Swim School AwardPresented by Emily Seebolm & Brittany Elmslie

THANK YOUto all who continue to make Seadragonz a great place to learn to swimFor all the support, help when we were looking for different opinions and your constant encouragement.

And Paul Sadler it was all your fault.....but you made a difference in my life and my love of the swim school industry63