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The detailed thesis statement and assessment

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On writing the detailed thesis

Text of The detailed thesis statement and assessment

  • 1. A Multimedia Presentation By Brenda K. Volk Learner Description: Intended for college-level English composition students enrolled in an online course

2. The Detailed Thesis and Its Forecast 3. The Thesis: One Word, Many TypesThesis Types ShortDetailedPurposeMappingStatementStatementDelayed 4. The Thesis Is a Forecast 5. Detailed Thesis, Detailed Forecast 6. The Detailed Thesis Creates a Mental OutlineDetailed Thesis Today at the store I bought milk, bread and ice cream.Mental Outline I. Intro/Thesis II. Milk III. Bread IV. Ice Cream V. Conclusion 7. The Detailed Thesis Can Preview Large SectionsDetailed Thesis Homeschoolers should not be subject to regulatory laws because such laws are unnecessary, originate from a misunderstanding of homeschooling, and can even be a threat to the freedom of America.Mental Outline I. Intro/Thesis II. Regulatory laws are unnecessary III. The laws are rooted in misunderstanding IV. Regulation is a threat to freedom V. Conclusion 8. The Detailed Thesis Can Accommodate Twist and Turns Detailed Thesis Although Friedmans article clearly conveys to its audience how some Indian workers are benefitting from outsourcing, his argument relies heavily on personal experience and generalizations. I also think his condescending attitude hurts his argument, and he concludes his article too abruptly, leaving readers with questions.Mental Outline I. Intro/Thesis II. Good job showing benefits III. Too much personal experience IV. Attitude hurts argument V. Abrupt conclusionVI. Conclusion 9. Assessment: Write, Read, Forecast!Due Thursday (1 post)Due Sunday (2 posted replies) Write a detailed thesis statement. Post your thesis to the designated class discussion. 5 points Read your classmates thesis statements. Respond with the mental outline forecasted by the detailed thesis statement. 6 points

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