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Mae Jemison: Space Scientist Key Vocabulary Theme 2 – Give It All You’ve Got FROM © Brent Coley 2008 | www.mrcoley.com Modified by PHOLT January 2013

Theme 2 mae jemison vocabulary flash cards mod 2013 pholt

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Modified January 2013 From brentcoley.com

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  • 1. Mae Jemison: Space ScientistKey Vocabulary Theme 2 Give It All Youve GotFROM Brent Coley 2008 | www.mrcoley.com Modified by PHOLT January2013

2. See if you cancorrectly define the followingvocabularywords. 3. If necessary, usethe context clues from the samplesentences to help you. 4. applicants 5. applicantsSample Sentence: NASA can get up tothousandapplicants, but will on accept fifteen. 6. applicantsDefinition:n. People who apply for a job 7. astronaut 8. astronaut Sample Sentence: Neil Armstrong wasthe first astronaut to walk on the moon. 9. astronaut Definition:n. A person trained to participate in theflight of a spacecraft 10. embassy 11. embassy Sample Sentence:The traveler was ableto get a new passportat their embassy. 12. embassyDefinition:n. Officialheadquarters of the representative of aforeign government 13. launch 14. launch Sample Sentence:The space shuttle isscheduled to launchtomorrow morning. 15. launch Definition:v. To put into actionby force 16. medication 17. medicationSample Sentence:The athlete neededmedication for herknee pain. 18. medication Definition:n. A drug used to treat an illness 19. mission 20. mission Sample Sentence: The astronautsmission was to repair the damaged space station. 21. missionDefinition:n. An operation thatattempts to achievecertain goals 22. orbit 23. orbitSample Sentence:The space shuttle spent two weeks inorbit while astronautsgathered data. 24. orbit Definition:n. The path of aspacecraft around theearth 25. reusable 26. reusable Sample Sentence:Reusable waterbottles are becoming more and morepopular. 27. reusableDefinition:adj. Able to beused again 28. satellite 29. satellite Sample Sentence:The weather satellitesent current picturesof the hurricane back to earth. 30. satellite Definition: n. A human-madedevice that orbits theearth 31. space shuttle 32. space shuttleSample Sentence:The space shuttlereturned to earthafter its one-week mission. 33. space shuttleDefinition:n. A spacecraft that is launched like a rocket and can belanded like a plane. 34. specialist 35. specialistSample Sentence: Roger was acommunicationsspecialist in the army. 36. specialistDefinition:n. Someone who isan expert in aparticular field 37. weightlessness 38. weightlessnessSample Sentence:Astronauts experienceweightlessness in space due to the absence of gravity. 39. weightlessness Definition: n. The condition ofbeing without weight