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  1. 1. THOSE THREE WORDS -Part 1 Saturday4:00pm Ma.. why dou want me to take one weekleave unnecesserilyma,Ienquiredmamom.. Reshma..Howcan you sayits unnecessery??Uve spent3 yearsinur unclesplace andnow theywant u to come there for just1 weekasu ll move outof thiscitysoon,momconsoledme.. No ma..from upcomingmonthsIhave to take leave formyengagement..marriage..before those holidays..thiswill be unnecessaryolyma Dont talklike this..if theydontgive leave forthese importantreasons.udontevenwanttowork there,momshouted. Before i couldopenma mouth..TringTring..Ma mobile stoppedme..Itflashedwiththe name Joseph.. ya obviouslymyfiance..nono..yetto be my fiance..Ohgod..yis he callingme now wheni am talkingto ma mom somethinimportant.Icutthe call.. But ma.. I am the Lecturer..mystudentscarrierwill be spoiledif Icontinuouslytake leavelikethisma, I try to console mamom..but itsof come she will know aboutmyprobleminuncles home.. Reshma..HissonAndrewwenttokeralafor hisjob..Theyare alreadyingrief..HisdaughterSwapna wantto see u eagerly..If ugo there theywill be happyforatleastone week..trytounderstand ok ma..ill go justfor u,I come she knowsthatmhappy forsomethinelse.. good girl,momkissedmaforeheadnwentforpackingitemsforone week. I wentupstairstopack my ownitemsfor12 hours etc.. Tring..Tring..Againma mobile flashedJoseph..thistimeIattended.. Hello Y dou say Hello..whenuknowitsme?,he questioned. Its obvious..everyonewill tellhelloimmediatelyafterpickingthe call Helloisthe girl name and that too she isGraham Bellsgirl friend.Idontwantto be calledlike thatbyu anymore dear Oh god!!justto informthisu calledme eh?? Y? shud i get anyreasonto call u r wat? ufff!!!see Ihave manyworksto do ill call uback later So if u call me back howshudI call u? Ur wish So howhave u savedmy numberinur mobile? Couldu plscall me aftersometime? aftersometime means?Tell me the timingdear 25.61, I almostshouted.. Oh..come on.!!What otherworku ve otherthan talking tome? See I have so manyworksrightnow..Ill tell uthe bye,Isaid n cut the call.. 5:00pm Afterone hourI almostpackedeverything.. Reshmaaaa..Mom shoutedfromtopof the voice..
  2. 2. yesma.. am coming Have u tookeverythin?? bagandone handbag Andtake this2 bags also,mom showedme 2 bigbags.. Ma what all these stuffs?? sweets..biscuits..pickles..murukku..seedai..adhirasam Ma.. what for all these itemsma?? For my brother..He likesanythingwhichmade byme Happa..this to show ur love n kindness throughme oly eh??Icant carry thismany bagson my ownma..and m not the porterbetweenu2.. u bettergetthisto himwhenu r goingto see leave me pls..,Ialmostpleaded.. see..Itsdad whoisgonna carry these tou till Thirunelveli busstopandfromChennai CMBT, uncle will come and getit fromu.. inbetweenbuswill carry..whatbothersuin between? hmmm..if uncle didntcome tobus stop? He will come..Justmake acall to him..He will come.. ok ma..Bye..,BysayinthisIcame out of home n dad tookall those luggagesandkeptinside the car. we reachedthirunelveli busstopin15 mins.. Tring..Tring..againthe same soul..Ohgod!!ishe reallyadoctor r wat..!!Dont he have any patientto take care of them..Alwayscallingme..Ishouldntve givenmynumbertohim..Dadjust beside me..Icut the call.. Reshma.Buswill arrive at 6.00.. more 45 minsisthere..sodou want anythintodrink?,dad asked Yes pa..I want Mazza..,dad went Againcall came fromJoseph.. Oh!!god..thistime what storyhe is gonnasay..about graham Bell orHello..butbythe way how should I call himafter pickingthe call..While Iwasimaginingall thesestuffs..Hiscall ended..Meanwhilemy dad arrivedwithmyfavourite mazza.. 6:00pm afterhalf an hour..Bus arrived..Iboardedthe bus..dadkeptall the luggagesnearmyplace and toldme all those placesandremindedme togetall those luggagesbefore gettindown..well thisisnotmyfirst journeytochennai..sothere isnofear inme..i get settledinmyplace..Busstartedto move..Ibidbye to my dad..ThenI tookmy I-podto hearsongs.. before Icouldhearmy favourite song..Ihearedmy ringtone..Thistime itsmymom.. Hello.. where are you?have u got settledinyourplace?whoisbeside u?anyproblem? Ma.. whichquestionshouldIanswerfirst? hmm.Tell.. I am safe ma.. andthisis notmy firstjourneytoo..yu so worried..ill call uonce i reach CMBT. ok..Take care dear,momsaid andcut the call.. wheni cut the call..Isaw 2 messagesinmymobile..yesitsJoseph..anditsays.y r u not pickingupmy call? whenI aboutto replyIrecievedthe call fromhim..i attended..thistime i didntevensayanything.. U there?
  3. 3. yeah..tell me.. y u didntattendmycall? Dad was nearby You couldhave messagedme atleast? I didntsee the messages where are you? Am inbus towardschennai WHAT?????? yeah.. What bringsyouthere? My uncle andaunt andmy sweetcousinSwapna Oh..But y didntu informme abt this? eveni am informedjustfewhoursbackandthats because Iwas busypackingand couldnteventalkto u properly Oh!!fine dear..noprobs.. Hmmm.. So watsup? Nothing..Iwantto call my uncle andmy parentsonce I reach CMBT.. so I needcharge inmy mobile.. hope u can understand. oh!!ok.. Atwat time u ll reachCMBT.. tell propertimingplease..no25:61, he almostlaughedover there.. Hmmm..morning8 o clock.. Ok..fine dear..Take care..sweetdreams.. ok..good night,Icut the call.. Well..whyamI not talkingtohimproperly??Ihave enoughcharge inmy mobile andIcan talk to him more than 2 hours.buty am I not?? Thoughhe is inBanglore andits STD chargesdoesnt matterfor me as he usedtocall me everytime..ThoughIcut the call several times..He issosweettocall me back.. But y am I irritatinghimalot..??Oh!!god!!please helpme..Isleptassuchby hearingsongs.. nextday8:00am I got downand the conductorhelpedme togetthose luggages..Icalledmymomand informedthtI reachedsafely..nextIcalledmyuncle.. Uncle..I am in CMBT.. whenull come to pick me up? 10 minsReshma.. ok..uncle..come soon..bye,Icut the call NowI thoughtof callingJoseph..Icalledhim..Thistime Ithoughtof callinghimJo..He pickedinthe very firstring. Jo Hey dear..Isit u?.callingme Jo?? yeah..Justto informuthat i reachedCMBT Oh..u gave me a pleasentsurprise bycallingme Jo..soyouwill geta pleasantsurprise fromme too what wasit?,wheni wasaskingsomeone touchedme frombehind whenI turnedback..I wasin Bigshock..
  4. 4. WhenI turnedback. I sawAndrew.. Its surprise,Joshoutedfromthe otherside.. I was infull shockto see himhere..whatishe doinghere?Momtoldthat he wenttokerala..ythe hell he is standingjustbefore me?Oh!!god..The personwhoIthoughtnot to see inmy life time..Is standingjustclose tome.. Dear. u there?..watsup?,Joboughtme to the reality.. Uncle has come..I will call uback later,I saidn cut the call. Andrewsmiledatme.. what r u doinghere?,Iasked Hellomadam..thisisour city..I shouldaskthisquestiontou Mom said that u wenttokerala yeah..sowat? But u r here? todayis sunday,Ohgod!!!HowdidI forgetthattoday issunday??I shouldHave startedtomorrow..!! Oh!!ok.. Where isuncle? He have several workstodorather than comingto CMBT Oh!!god! see I cant carry all these luggagessou bettergive the car key..Iwill waitinthe car.. U carry all these ncome,I stretchedmyhand to getthe keyfromhim.. Is these luggagesall belongstou? yeah whatsthr inside? murukku..sedai..pickle..,assoonas he heardthe name sedai.. WAT!!!!sedai eh..,he almostthrownhisbag onmy face and he benddownto openthe bag Hey..Y cant u eatall those inur house..nIam alreadytireddue tolongjourney so what? so give the car key..,againi stretchedmahand Whendidi say tht i came by car? Then? Dad took the car forsome purpose we r going? walk What? yeah..walk and all these luggages? You have to carry.. u olyboughtfromthr na? Hello..myluggage isjust2 bags..other2 bag is forur dad.. sou have to carry I can carry onlyone Oh!!!god..Uncle y didu sendur son..He is irritatingme a lot..Ishouldcall himnow, whenI aboutto take my mobile.. u r crying..m carryin2 bags..u carry urs, he put hisback pack on hisback and carried2 bags with2 hands.. I cant carry anyhow..Bettercall anauto
  5. 5. Hellomadam..autowontbe available insidethe CMBTbus stop..anyhow we have togo out to getan start to walk,he saidn startedto walk..Itook mybag and startedto walkbehindhim..I almostcursedmy momfor sendingthese luggages..wellhe iscarryinthose both.buti couldnteven carry mine..sosad.... Andrewalmostwentfarawayfromme..How these boysr carryinso easily..I couldntevencarryone bag.. buthe justtookthose two bagsas if its 2 airballoons..after10 minsI just placedthe bag downn sawmy pinkhand..Andrew turnedback.. whatsup?..not even10 stepsu soontiredeh? 10 stepseh..I justturnedback to checkwhetheritsreally10steps..itsalmost100 steps..he dontknow mathsr wat..veryidiotic.. Is itcalled10 steps? well!!maybe itsfor me!!!,he almostgrinned. I couldntcontrol myanger..but itsnot the time to shout..letme reachhome safelyneatsomething..I donthave energyto shoutat him..Istarredat him.. Ok..Ok..come soon..,he saidn againstartedto walkwiththose 2 air balloons. afterhalf an hour I reachedthe autostand..he almostreachedbefore 10minsandwaitingforme..Idiot y cant he come and getmy bag.. ok..come..getintothe auto,he said.Istarred n got intoit.. I wentn sat nearwindowside..he keptall those luggagesnearme nwentn sat nearauto startedto move..Ithoughtof callingmymomto shoutat her..but still noenergy..mystomachasked for something.. stop stop,Andrewsaidtothe driver.. Y r u stopping??Ourplace didntcome yet.,Isaid I know.. Theny didu stop? To get cool drinks No..thanks,Thoughmy tummyneedssomethingIdontwantto get itfrom him.. WhendidI say that itsfor u?, he saidn wentto the shopto get cool drinks.. I cant do anythingotherthanstaringat him.. Afterfewminutes..he came outwithmazzabottlesneckinside hismouth..myfavourite mazza..Hesat nearauto drivern said Lets go Have it,he turnedbackn gave me the good day biscuit. No need Its ok..U can p