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University of Alabama - "ReFIRMation: Restructuring for Greater Success"

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  • 1. ReFIRMation: Restructuring for Greater Success The University of Alabama @CapstoneAgency
  • 2. Jacquie McMahon, Firm Director Christi Rich, UA PRSSA President
  • 3. Presentation Overview History Research Planning: The Six Departments Implementation and Transition Evaluation Closing
  • 4. Agency History 2008: First communication plan 2009: Approved as student organization 2011: Record-breaking membership number 2012-2013: Restructuring process Today:
  • 5. National Affiliation Capstone Agency: Approved June 2012 Process Standards remind members of professionalism and accountability Strengthened our national involvement with PRSSA
  • 6. Research 2012 National Conference GolinHarris g4 model
  • 7. Planning: The Six Departments
  • 8. The Departments Account Services Creative Digital Media Relations Public Relations/New Business Insights
  • 9. Implementation
  • 10. Transition Process Members reapply each semester Surveyed interests
  • 11. Integrated Communication Not simply a public relations firm Content spans owned, earned and paid channels Incorporate the growing number of students from advertising and other majors
  • 12. Member Recruitment Class visits by PRSSA Executive Board and Capstone Agency Directors Week-long Twitter chat #CapstoneIS Recruitment posters
  • 13. Awards At the end of last semester, each director gave their outstanding team member(s) an award. This November, we are planning an Awards Banquet in conjunction with a PRSSA workshop.
  • 14. Awards
  • 15. Evaluation
  • 16. Involved Membership Spring 2013: 60 active and engaged members Fall 2013: 65 members Titles for every member Higher retention rate
  • 17. Student Benefits Rsum and portfolio building experiences See all aspects of an agency come together for results Specialize in one area early on Experience to draw off during interviews
  • 18. Client Benefits Efficient process with the point of contact in the agency (AE/AAE) In-depth work tailored to clients needs due to specialization
  • 19. Member Evaluations Occur each semester Sense of accountability and engagement Express interest in leadership opportunities
  • 20. Closing
  • 21. Chapter-Firm Relations Support: Membership Meetings Projects
  • 22. Moving Forward Wider range of clients Increasing the competitive nature of our firm Continuing to encourage student success If a firm isnt growing, its dying.
  • 23. The Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Research of real firms Research member interests Determine departments Create written plan Host awards ceremony Tailor to your campus!
  • 24. Q&A Jacquie McMahon, @jacqmcmahon Christi Rich, @christi_rich More questions? Contact