What will influence how you teach this year?

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A group of teachers submitted their fears about and motivations for teaching. An interesting dichotomy of the educational workplace.

Text of What will influence how you teach this year?

  • 1. What will dictate how you teach this year?

2. I fear 3. Failure. 4. More pay reductions. 5. Not being able to reach all of my students. 6. Ridiculous parents. 7. Skydiving. 8. Boring my students. 9. Not reaching every student. 10. Angry parents. 11. For some students safety. 12. Spiders in my room. 13. Failing not teaching well. 14. Not keeping a good balance. 15. Stagnation. 16. Retiring and being forgotten. 17. Apathy on both the part of the student and myself. 18. Too many expectations with limited time and resources. 19. My enthusiasm and drive has waned considerably in the past couple of years. I may not be an effective facilitator. 20. Oversleeping. 21. Fitting in all curriculum required. 22. I dont have enough time in my day to become the best teacher I know I can be. 23. Letting students down. 24. Surveys. 25. That I may have taken on too much and that I will get burned out sooner this year than others, but I hope note. So far so good! 26. Losing my job. 27. Water. 28. Other teachers who think their style of teaching is the only way to teach. 29. Being boring. 30. Not being good enough or being a failure. 31. Clowns. 32. My students not being engaged. 33. That when they leave high school there wont be someone to catch them when they fall or to push them to do more. 34. No one. 35. The loss of the traditional school as technology increases. 36. When helicopter parents morph into kamikaze pilots, and I am the target! 37. That education is going in the wrong directions. 38. Some kids slip through the cracks in my class. 39. Injury. 40. Being boring. 41. The unknown. 42. Being alone. 43. Not making a difference. 44. Not meeting/ reaching my high expectations for myself. 45. Not getting to know each student. 46. Our staff wont stay connected. I need their support to stay motivated. 47.


48. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. -Ambrose Redmoon 49. I teach for 50. The future of democracy. 51. The enjoyment of interacting with young people. 52. Making a positive contribution in the lives of my students. 53. Understanding my students. 54. Forest Hills Public Schools. 55. The kids. 56. The moment when I see the light go on and a kid really truly understands. 57. The kids who work at their grades even when they dont always succeed. 58. The emotional satisfaction. 59. The fun. 60. The interaction with kids. 61. My value for education. 62. The potential positive impact on others. 63. The good days and selfish reasons- because I enjoy the kids. 64. The hope of turning students into life-long learners. 65. The love of kids. 66. A career. 67. To help students find success. 68. The children of the future. 69. The children. 70. FUN. 71. Thestudentsof Eastern High. 72. Expansion of kids worldview. 73. The joy of sharing what I have learned and the desire to increase my knowledge. 74. Constant learning and vigor. 75. My students and my future children so I can provide them with opportunity. 76. The love of sharing knowledge and guiding kids to think deeply and teaching them how to retain knowledge. 77. My students. 78. Tomakea difference. 79. The health of our societylocally and globally. 80. To fulfill Gods purpose for me. 81. The thrill and adrenaline rush. 82. The chance to work with others. 83. Those Ah-Ha! moments the students get. 84. My son.I want to influence his education and how he views/approaches learning. 85. The students. 86. Pride. 87. My students. 88. Money, love, and power (or at least control).Were all control freaks. 89. Entertainment. 90. My sanity, the need to help others, and my love of the subject. 91. Life. 92. My passion for the subject. 93. The kids. 94. The students. 95. The love of sharing knowledge and the quest of learning more. 96. Stay positive. Keeping giving it your best. 97. Enjoy your afternoon.