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The next dialogue box will locate the pictures In the next dialogue box you can name the folder for your photos If you click on the Options button you can change where your photos will be saved to and if you would like them to be deleted once they are downloaded Click OK and then Import once they are downloaded the Windows Photo Gallery folder will open

Importing PhotosPlug one end of your camera lead into the camera and the USB end into the USB port in your computer

Switch your camera on and the Autoplay dialogue box will appear Click on Import pictures

Go to Start button and select Pictures

Click on OrganiseClick on Layout to make changes to how the Picture folder is viewedMake sure that the Navigation pane is showing

Click on the More Options button to change how you view your pictures.Where are your photos?

Play a Slidehow of photos by clicking on a folder of photos and then clicking on

Slideshow . The slideshow will start to play. To stop the slideshow press Esc on the keyboard.Email a folder of photosClick on a folder, click on Email , then this dialogue box will appear choose whether you want to send them at Medium or Smaller, Small, Large or Original sizeBurn a folder of photosClick on a folder, click on Burn , insert a disk, name your CD , the CD will start formatting. Once it is finished eject the CD outExtras with Photos

Go to All Programs Microsoft Office Microsoft Office tools Microsoft Office Picture Manager Your screen should look something like this If you cannot see your photos click on the + next to Pictures , they will either appear or a message will appear asking to search your computer for photos, click Yes or Ok to search Or you can ask to do a search by clicking on in the Task Pane

WARNING: before resizing or compressing your photos Save another copy of that photo, Click on a photo, press Ctrl C on the keyboard and then press Ctrl V. (this will mean that you have 2 copies of the same photo.) Do this because when you have compressed or resized your photo you will be asked to save at some stage and all changes will be saved, which means the original quality of your photo will be lost. If you havent got all the toolbars or side menus then go to View and make sure allof these are selected Thumbnails Task Pane Shortcuts Show File Names Show Pictures only If your Task Pane at the left is not visible then click on the Shortcuts button

Edit Photos using Microsoft Picture Manager

This is your My Pictures Folder, to see all of it click on the Plus sign Click on a Folder and all of the pictures inside of it will appear Rename a picture by clicking once on it and once again then type in a new name Double clicking a picture will bring it into full screen and you can use the Zoom button to zoom in and out Clicking on the AutoCorrect button will automatically correct colour, brightness and contrast of your photo Click on the Edit Pictures button to make changes to the photos

To change BrightnessClick on Brightness and Contrast Select Auto brightness or move the controllers to adjust it manually. To go back to other options click on the arrow Edit Photos

To Rotate a picture Click on Rotate. Choose the option you want. To go back to other options click on the arrow

To crop the photos Click on Crop . Click on the Black handles in the middle or corners and drag to the centre of the photo. Click OK. If you have made a mistake click on the Undo arrow in the Toolbar. To go back to other options click on the arrow

To change Colour click on Color Select Enhance Color or move the controllers to adjust it manually. To go back to other options click on the arrow

Edit Photos

I recommend DocumentsTo fix redeye Click on the Redeye removal button. Place your mouse over the eye and click, continue to click on all the red eyes in the photo. Click OK when you have finished. To go back to other options click on the arrow.

To compress the photo Click on Compress Pictures. Choose what you want to compress for (the email option is very tiny). See the difference in size under heading Estimated total size, Click OK. To go back to other options click on the arrow.

To resize the photo Click on Resize. Click in the Predefined width x height. Select from those choices or click on Percentage of original width, type in a percentage like 50, click OK. To go back to other options click on the arrow.

Edit Photos

Find out the size of your photo by clicking on it and looking down at the bottom left of the information bar

Email pictures In this option click on Email pictures. Click on Attached to the message, or Displayed as previews. Choose a preview size and click on Create Message. Outlook will open and you can type in email address and message and press OK

Go back to the beginning options by clicking on the Home button . Rename pictures in this option by clicking on Rename pictures. Click on the picture to be renamed and type in the name of the picture and press OK. To go back to other options click on the arrow .

More on Photos

View Picturesin different ways by clicking on the three choices available to you Thumbnail view Filmstrip view Single picture.

Filmstrip Thumbnail Send photos to another location on your hardrive,

Select photos, click on Browse and select folder you would like to send them to, change name and file type if you wish and finally decided what size you want to export them. Click OK.

More on Photos Quick Photo presentationTo go back to the Home menu click on Send a whole group of photos to PowerPoint or Word. Click on one photo or hold down the Ctrl key and click on multiple photos, click on Send Pictures to Microsoft office Select PowerPoint and Send and they will all appear in a PowerPoint presentation.

Single Picture

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