10 Easy ways to Buy Tents

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  • Why do you need tents?

    Tents have a variety of uses which are as follows:

    Protects you from the various weather conditions Protects you from wild life if youre camping Provides cover from the wind and rain Can be uses as shelter for temporary accommodation Frame tents can be used as an additional room or extension to your home. Tents can provide a beautiful ambience and shelter for your guests at functions such as

    weddings and celebrations

    They provide flexibility and versatility when camping or climbing mountains or cycling The military uses tents for their easy setup and movability such as: temporary sleeping

    quarters, dining facilities, temporary hospitals and security checkpoints.

    Tents are an inexpensive form of sleeping accommodation and are portable. In environmental disasters tents are used when there are earthquakes, fires and floods as

    temporary emergency shelter

    Tents protect you from mosquitoes, gnats and other biting insects while sleeping Children use tents to camp in the garden.

    What tents can do? They provide temporary emergency accommodation in disaster situations such as: floods, fire

    and earthquakes.

    Smaller tents are light and easily portable Large tents and marquees can provide an extra living area in your garden or provide a cover

    for weddings, funerals, parties, celebrations, exhibitions, events.

    Protects you from the weather conditions such as: rain, snow, wind and sun The military use them for temporary sleeping quarters, dining area, temporary hospitals and

    security checkpoints

    Car port shelter Can be used for storage They provide cover; e.g. car port

  • What Types of Tents are available?

    1. Frame tents 2. Aluminium tents 3. Marquee Tents 4. function tents 5. Wedding Tents 6. Event tents 7. Exhibition tents 8. Party tents 9. festival tents 10. alpine tents 11. Pagoda tents / Pergola tents / Arabic tents 12. peg and pole tents 13. Bedouin tents / Stretch Tents / Cheese Tents / Web tents 14. Army tents / Military tents 15. Canvas Tents / PVC tents 16. Army Tents / Military Tents 17. Relief Tents / Disaster Tents 18. Warrior tents 19. Emergency Shelter Tents 20. Army Surplus tents 21. Storage tents & Warehouse Tents 22. Mobile chillers 23. Portable Toilets 24. Tiffany Chairs 25. Plastic chair 26. VIP mobile toilets 27. Plastic Tables / Plastic Folding Tables / Round Folding Tables / Steel folding tables 28. Party Chairs / Wedding Chairs / Function Chairs / Wimbledon chairs


  • Where can tents be used? There are a number of uses for tents and a number of various types of tents. The following are

    factors to considerwhen choosing a tent:

    Size how many people do you want to accommodate? Material whether you want a canvas, nylon or polyester tent? Weather Conditions consider the type of weather condition and ensure its 100%


    Strength how durable do you need your tent to be? Pitching how easy is the tent to pitch or dismantle?

    What will the tent be used for?

    Backyard parties Corporate events Desert shelter Excavation covers Industrial Shelters Recreational campers Disaster victims Festivals Weddings Emergency shelter Protests movements Large gatherings Beach cover Hiking Camping Refugee accommodation Gatherings Funerals Military sleeping bunkers


    Peg & Pole Marquee

    Traditional Peg & Pole tents are used for all sorts of occasions such as parties,

    festivals and weddings. They are the most popular as you get more coverage

    for your money compared to other types of tents.

    Each peg & pole tent comes with poles, pegs, side walls and windows (on


    Package includes:

    8 x side poles; 8 x pegs; 8 x main poles; 1 x 3.66

    Size: 5 x 5m,

    Colour: white& blue, white or custom made

    Fabric: PVC

    Stock Availability: IN Stock

    Pitching & Dismantling: With ease

    Uses: Festivals, Markets, Wedding, Funerals, Parties, Functions, Events


  • Bedouin Tents / Stretch Tents

    Stretch Tents are more flexible than other tents and can be erected on uneven

    surfaces or awkward shaped areas, from buildings and trees and can instantly

    create a stylish and elegant venue for all occasions such as weddings and


    Package includes:

    2 x 2m Poles; 2 x 3m Poles; 1 x 3.66 Pole Size: 5 x 5m

    Colour: white, black, blue, red


  • Fabric: PVC

    Stock Availability: IN Stock Pitching & Dismantling: With ease Uses:weddings, parties, functions, shading area, swimming pool cover.

    Frame Tents / Aluminum Tents / frame structure Tents

    Frame Tents structure allow for maximum user of the interior space and it does

    not have a center pole and can be used for outdoor restaurants, runway events,

    exhibitions and weddings. When staking is not possible such as: where there is

    concrete, decks and patios or if a center pole is not required, then Frame Tents

    are the perfect solution. We also proved Cheese and

    Package Includes:

    Steel or Aluminium Poles:

    Size: 5 x 10m

    Colour: white, black, blue or according to customer specifications

    Fabric: PVC or Clearspan

    Stock Availability: IN Stock

    Pitching & Dismantling: Labour required

    Uses: Outdoor restaurants, Runway events, Exhibitions, Weddings


  • Pagoda tents / Pergola tents / Arabic tents

    Pagoda tents structures form part of the smaller range of tents we manufacture.

    They can be put together with ease and can create an eye catching elegant

    structure. They can be used for reception areas or entrances or joined together

    with rain gutters and provides to visually enhancing impact for any event. They

    can be used for smaller gatherings.

    Package Includes:

    Steel or Aluminium Poles:

    Size:3m x 3m

    Colour: white, black, blue or according to customer specifications

    Fabric: PVC

    Stock Availability: IN Stock

    Pitching & Dismantling:with ease

    Uses: Exhibitions, Parties, Weddings, corporate events, garden tent, trade,

    carport, military bunkers, temporary hospitals, temporary accommodation.


  • Army tents / Military tents / Canvas Tents

    We know that the military has strict requirements when it comes to their

    military tents. We have supplied military tents across Africa and to countries

    overseas and have precision knowledge on our military tent manufacturing. We

    manufacture to specific customer requirements and take great pride in our


    Package Includes:

    Steel or Aluminium Poles:

    Size:Customer made

    Colour:beige, green

    Fabric: Canvas

    Stock Availability: IN Stock

    Pitching & Dismantling:with ease

    Uses:sleeping bunkers, dining areas, hospitals


  • Warrior Tents

    These tents are barrel frame in structure and are generally used for military

    purposes but can also be used recreationally.

    Package Includes:

    Steel or Aluminium Poles:Depends on specifications

    Size:Customer made

    Colour:olive green; sand

    Fabric:440g ripstop Canvas (tear resistant/ uv resistant / waterproof)

    Windows: included with mosquito net

    Stock Availability: IN Stock

    Pitching & Dismantling:with ease

    Uses:sleeping bunkers, dining areas, kitchens, recreation facilities, offices,



  • Mobile Chillers

    Mobile portable chillers are a quick solution for portable refrigerated storage of

    foods and drinks. Due to its portability it makes it convenient and easy to

    transport beverages to festivals, weddings and functions.

    Product Details:

    Description: Single axle Mobile Chiller / Freezer

    Size: 2m (L) x 1.4m (W) x 1.6m (H)

    Capacity: 600kg

    Weight: 500kg

    Description: Double axle Mobile Chiller / Freezer

    Size: 2.4m (L) x1.6m (W) x1.8m (H)

    Capacity: 1 ton


  • Weight: 1600kg

    Portable Toilets

    Mobile toilets provides the necessary outdoor requirements to people at

    festivals or events.

    Product Details:

    Description: Mobile Portable Toilets & Restrooms