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ROCK It is a naturally occurring solid aggregate of minerals. BASALT ROCK It is an igneous rock formed from frozen lava. It occupies 1/3 of earths crust. Plentiful in Michigans upper peninsula. In India it occurs in deccan traps .

It is amaterialmade from extremely finefibersofbasalt, which is composed of the mineralsplagioclase,pyroxene, andolivine. KEY PROPERTIES OF BASALT FIBERS Thermal resistance Mechanical strength Chemical resistance Ecological friendliness

BASALT ROCK FIBRECOMPARISON WITH E-GLASSBASALTE-GLASSTensile strength,Mpa3000-48403100-3800Elastic modulus , Gpa93-11072.5-75.5Elongation at break ,%3.1-64.7Specific gravity2.65-2.82.5-2.62Max temperature of application , Celsius650380Melting temperature , Celsius14701120BASALT SOURCES FORFIBER PRODUCTION

Temperature history and rate of cooling of lava Slow cooling results in segregation and precipitationWeathering and oxidation over-time Chemical characteristics and uniformity of basalt quarry are essential for good fibers.Manufacturing should be close to suitable basalt quarries and inexpensive energy.

SPINNING OF BASALT FIBER Though basalt stones are available in different compositions, only certain compositions and characteristics can be used for making the continuous filaments with a diameter range of 9 to 24 microns. Compounds present in the basalt rock may vary, especially the SiO2 content depending on their nature and origin. Basalt rocks with SiO2 content about 46% (acid basalt) are suitable for fiber production.

BASALT QUARRY[ESSINGEN -EIFEL]MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF BASALT FIBREQuarried basalt rock is first crushed, then washed and moved into melting baths in gas-heated furnaces. under temperature of 1460-1500 C. Here, the process is simpler than glass fiber processing because the basalt fiber has a less complex composition. Basalt fiber production: general scheme1. Tank for sizing2. Furnace3. Bushing4. Sizing applicator5.Tray for used sizing collection6. Winder7. Spool8. Tank for used sizing



1. Tank for sizing2. Furnace3. Bushing4. Sizing applicator5.Tray for used sizing collection6. Winder7. Spool8. Tank for used sizingMolten basalt flows from furnace through a platinum-rhodium bushing with 200, 400 ,800 or more holes and the fibers can be drawn from the melt under hydrostatic pressureA sizing is applied to the surface of the fibers by a sizing applicator to impart strand integrity, lubricity, and resin compatibility. Finally, a winder allows to release some large spools of continuous basalt filament.

PICTORIAL VIEW FOR TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS OF MANUFACTURINGPRODUCTS OF BASALT FIBERBasalt continuous fibers 1. Basalt plastic pipes 2. Basalt super thin fibers 3. Basalt rovingBASALT CONTINUOUS FIBERSBasaltContinuous Fiber (BCF) is a raw material for the production of various types of materials & products. APPLICATIONSReinforcing material for concrete & asphalt, concrete covering for roads, airport runways & taxiways.Filters for industrial & residential waste waters, filters for smoke & dust emissions of industrial enterprises. Reinforcing nets for construction.

Reinforcing acivic water fountaindevelopment- Warsaw, PolandReinforcing aconcrete bridge deck- Northern Ireland, UK

Volcano wrap that resists gasoline & engine chemicals & withstands high temperatureReinforcement nets

runwayat Bordeaux-MerignacBASALT PLASTIC PIPES

Basalt fiber composite pipes are obtained by winding basalt threads, fabrics, prepegs impregnated with a binder.These pipes are useful as components for shafts linings, building components, for transporting corrosive liquids and gases in the construction, industrial, agricultural and public services sectors.Basalt pipes are resistant to the action of fungi and micro organisms.BASALT PLASTIC PIPES.

Great river energywear resistant basalt-lined piping extended the reject pipings life and reduced maintenance requirements.

BasaltLined Ash Disposal PipesBASALT SUPER THIN FIBERS

It has good heat-insulation qualities. The material is absolutely nonflammable, it has high thermo durability.High chemical durability towards water, salt solutions, alkali and acids. APPLICATIONS :Fireproof materialsof fire protection systemsHeat and sound insulation material for the manufacture of automobile mufflers, gaskets, insulation screens, plastics, composites.



BASALT SUPER THIN ALUMINATED FIBER ROUND MARBELBASALT ROVINGBasalt roving is bundle of continuous mono directional complex basalt fibers.Roving possesses high natural strength, resistance to aggressive environments,long service life and excellent electric insulating properties.APPLICATIONS: Filament winding of pipes, tanks and cylindersReinforced plastics


Rewinding of primary string by machine from bobbins on basalt roving spool

Choppedbasalt rovingis mainly used as a substitute of fiberglassFIELDS OF APPLICATIONS

1.CONSTRUCTION: Reinforcement of bridges, tunnels.Internal waste pipesRepair of cracks, local damage to buildings & bridges.2.PETRO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES: Chemical & wear proof coverings of tanks.pipelines, oil pipelines. nonflammable coverings & composite materials.

Road construction Petro chemical industries

3.AGRICULTURE: Land drainage pipes, pipes for irrigation and hosing.

4.MACHINE BUILDING: Parts or blocks of machines operating under high temperatures or gas stream, For example the heat shield for a re-entering space vehicle.

5.ENGINEERING NETWORKS: Oil and gas pipelines, pipes for chemical products and transportation of aggressive media.High efficient seals & linings for pipelines.

Vertical roller mills has its applications in power plants & in chemical industry

Basaltroad applicationA distinctive feature of this rebar is high corrosion resistance to aggressive environments, namely to chloride salts, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide. It can even put uncoated chopped fiber in concrete for crack resistance High Strength compared to steel.Light weight and flexibility makes installation easier.

Basalt Fiber Concrete Rebar

Test of abasalt fiberrebar reinforced beam

Retaining curb wall andconcrete rebarbefore concretehas been poured

25ADVANTAGES OF BASALT FIBERBasalt fibers show 15-20% higher tensile strength and modulus. Better chemical resistance. Extended operating temperature range. Better environmental friendliness. Recyclability.The processing of basalt fibers does not require special equipment or technologies.

DISADVANTAGES OF BASALT FIBERThe price of fibers made from basalt is higher than those made of E-glass.The American Concrete Institute, Canadian Standards Association, International Federation for Structural Concrete and other internationally recognized engineering code authorities have not provided specific design guidance for its use. 1. Basalt fibers have excellent set of properties like ChemicalThermalMechanical environmental 2.It can replace glass in large part is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, automative and other areas therefore basalt fiber is known as 21st century SILK VOLCANIC CHANGE. As a result of its characteristics and properties, basalt fiber can be really considered as the material of OUR FUTURE FOR A GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

CONCLUSIONSREFERENCESJean Marie Nolf(2003). Basalt Fibers - Fire Blocking Textiles. Technical Usage Textile, no 49(3rd qrt),pp 38 - 42. K Vladimir and L Vladimir(2003). Fibers from Stone. International Textile Bulletin, no 5, pp 48 52

R. Duraiswamy",(feb1982) "Basalt fiber: New competitor to glass fiber Dpt. of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India. Popular Plastics.Palmieri, A., Matthys, S., and Tierens, M. (2009)Basalt fibers: Mechanical properties and applications for concrete structures. Taylor and Francis Group.