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  • 1. A2 COURSEWORK BRIEFWe were given thirteen briefs and choices of what we could produce for our A2 coursework pieces. I have chosen: #A promotion package for a new film, to include a teaser trailer, together with two of the following three options: -A Website homepage for the film. -A film magazine front cover, featuring the films. -A poster for the film. I have chosen this brief because it would be my first time experimenting and using any type of filming technology or editing programmes. I studied Media at GCSE and at AS, both of these times I chose to do a print format for my coursework, because I felt this was my strength. This year I want to push myself, and learn new things to expand my understanding of Media. I personally enjoy watching films in my free time, so I think creating a trailer for one will allow me to understand what type of editing and work goes into making a short trailer for one.

2. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OR REAL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS?For my A2 media coursework, I chose to make a horror trailer named The Decease withmy partner Lucie. After researching trailers, film posters, magazines and around the film genre in detail, Ifound that there were a pattern of conventions which each trailer followed, from the layout, to use of soundand music.THE CONVENTIONS: RESEARCH!In the trailer, I tried to keep consistent to the types of conventions which I had noticed always occurred ,there were three main ones which were consistently used:A calm beginning , an equilibrium to which everything is okay and mundane. Letting the audienceknow that something bad is about to happen: The lighting in these signs tend to be light, airier and brightto show the normal life of the characters.Use of sound is used to create tension and a sign to the audience that action or horror is getting close.There were two different types of sound from what I noticed-older trailers tended to have a continuoustheme tune type use of sound, whereas newer genres of trailer tended to have snippets of sound,create more of a montage style trailer. There is always a use of dim, dark and often flashing lighting when the trailer eventually shows scaryparts. This convention usually works on every era of film trailer. 3. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OR REAL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS?USE IN THE DECEASE At the start of The Decease I filmed the two best friends in there normal lives, showingthem laughing, hugging and walking, as you would see two teenage friends do normal.This offers the audience a relatable image, which makes them think everything is okayat the start. I made them effect of the film black and white, because I feel that this makesthe audience immediately aware that this is nostalgic, and looking back onto thepast, before any scary action is introduced. For the sound effects, I used newer, more recent trailers as inspiration, particularly theParanormal Activity sequel. The sound in our trailer was chopped parts of scarysounds, offering a montage of film and sounds to create a real life feel to it. Theseincluded loud bangs, screams and muffled talking. By using these, I feel we made thetrailer feel more personal, and as if it had been filmed by the character themselves, aconvention which I thought was very effective. We also filmed lots and lots of small sections of film of the two characters doingeveryday activates, to screaming and climbing upstairs, by doing this, it created a jam-packed and busy trailer. 4. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OR REAL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS?CHALLENGING CONVENTIONS! To set apart The Decease from any other film trailer, I decided to create a veryminimalistic trailer, in the sense that I dont give much away in terms of the plotline, the feelings of the characters or the setting. Instead I used the short clips offilm to create tension, and excitement for the audience without using a voiceoverdescribing what is happening. By doing this, I feel that the audience would havebecome more excited to see the film, as it remains a mystery. This also carriedthrough to my ancillary tasks. The only type of clue which me and my partner gave was the text which we addedin between every few takes of film, because I feel that by doing this, we gave theaudience just enough information to become interested in the trailer. These methods were very different to a lot of the trailers which I hadresearched, as they tended to give the audience and overview of whathappens, then leave it on a cliff-hanger I think as the audience, and using my ownexperience, this makes the film guessable and predictable, as horror films have atendency to become cheesy if the same conventions are continuous recycled. 5. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OR REAL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS?WAS OUR MEDIA PRODUCTION AN EFFECTIVE PIECE? I think that The Decease worked out well in the end. As a whole piece, I think me andmy partner embodied what a film trailer should be like due to using lots of theconventions which were continuously used in the trailers which we researched. When it has all come together, I feel that the use of its editing (using ghosting effects,and black and white) made it work well, as it conveyed the genre of horror much morethan it would have before hand. 6. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS? This is my ancillary task number one; a film poster.The ancillary task of the film poster helps reinforce the effectivenessof my main task because all of the design elements tie in together.After researching film posters extensively, I found that in newer filmposters there is almost always a central image which draws theaudiences eye to it. For mine, this was a picture of the maincharacter holding her hand over her mouth. I had to edit the photomajorly using Photoshop, I blacked out her eyes, to make it lesshuman and I made the image darker, more contrasted and faded itinto a grey background. I think that my main film poster has beeneffective because it has just enough detail to keep the readerinterestedThe tagline and main title is also something which I feel has beeneffective. I used a scary looking font from website Da Font.com andmade it black and white, creating a simultaneous effect along withthe tagline, tying it all into one layout and colour theme. This alsokeeps in with the fact the friendship between the two girls at the startof the trailer is in black and white, and makes the audience feel as ifthey are looking back into the past. 7. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS?For my film magazine ancillary task, I researched into filmmagazines which are being published at the moment, such as Q,Empire magazine and FILM magazine. I found that there were arange of conventions which were used simultaneously throughouteach of them.I think my magazine has been successful because I haveembodied these conventions, for example, I used a three-colourtheme of black, white and red. The red has connotations of dangerand particularly catches the eye of the audience, the use of blackmeans creates a slick, professional look and I think it particularlyadds to the professionalism of the magazine. By using just threecolours, I think it makes it look more believable and less amateur.I added a central image, similar to my film poster , by doing this Ithink it follows the convention of a film magazine because all theones which I had researched had something in the middle whichwas the audiences first priority to look. I also used similar use ofconventions, such as the barcode, tagline, date and banner at thebottom of the magazine itself.For my inspiration for my magazine, I used Q magazine whichis the kind of magazine I think fits with my trailer . 8. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS? To create the ancillary tasks, and edit the photos which I took professionally, I used Adobe Photoshop. These are a few of the photos from the photo-shoot which havent been edited using and software. 9. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS?(Using film poster image as example) To create the horror look of the film poster, I first had to makethe background completely black, as the one which I had shoton was white. To do this, I used the lasso tool, which cuts outthe image from its background very precisely, making thecentral image be completely free. Once this was done, Iopened another window and placed the image of Milly onto ablack background.I then began editing the actual image of her. I clicked imagethen adjustments and used the brightening, contrast, levelsand curve tools to create a darker, more embedded lookingimage. To finish the editing, I coloured in her eyes in black using thePencil tool, I also did the same to her nails, as on the day ofthe photo-shoot they were bright pink! Which didnt look veryscary. Finally I used websites Da Font. com to get the kind of textswhich would suit the poster and genre. I chose a newspaperlooking one as this was most intimidating and fit with our plotlin. I then used my research and created the text which wentunderneath and came up with a scary tagline Dont turn Timeline!around. 10. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS?WORKING TOGETHER AS A MARKETINGSTRATEGY: I believe that my three texts (poster,magazine and trailer) will work togetheras a promotion package because theyall follow a similar theme, layout andidea. The style that I wanted to create wasminimal, and didnt let too much out tothe audience. I think this has workedwell, for example, in my trailer I haveused short, snappy pieces of film whichthen all came together to create more ofa montage style trailer. By doing this, Ifeel that I havent given too much away