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Atif analysis of editing

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  1. 1. EDITING Atif Ali
  2. 2. PURPOSE Improves Sound Image Add effects Creates a story Correct mistakes Makes your filming look better Create reality and illusions Synchronise music/image sound Expand time Crop Resize
  3. 3. TERMS Establishing shot Render Clips Continuity No continuity Wipe Transitions dissolve Fade Straight cut Montage Colour/balance correction
  4. 4. ANALYSIS OF HOT FUZZ The scene that I chose is the clip of Sergeant Nicholas Angel sitting on a horse arriving in the village (establishing shot). We all see the villains reaction to him making his way to the village in a series of shots showing their reactions. We see medium shot of the main character. The editing gets faster as we see the villains and his friends. There are cross cuts of the main character with his colleague sitting in the car. There are few wipes as a camera moves in slowly and then a straight cut to. A group of school kids sitting on a wall looking shocked of Sergeant Angels arrival.

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