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  • In your hands is volume 2 of the brand integration book,a sampling of recent integrated social advertising campaigns.Within these covers youll learn more about who we are, howbrands have worked with us to promote their products and what wecan do for you.Enjoy.
  • DeviantART was created to entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us.Founded in August 2000, is the worlds largest online community thatconnects around a love of art.DeviantART is home to over 16 million registered members and features anextensive platform used to exhibit, promote, share and discover works and othermembers within a peer community. As the largest aggregator of creative talent onthe Internet, is uniquely positioned to help brands like yours engageand interact in a meaningful way with a desirable and valuable audience.
  • TABLE OF 01 LIGHTING A SPARK (GETTING STARTED) Intro 6 The Brand Experience 8CONTENTS Our Massive Audience 10 Our Unique Offering 12 How We Target & Message 13 The Organic Distribution Effect 14 Ad Products 16 02 SPREADING THE FIRE (OUR RESULTS) Intro 18 Mentos 20
  • 01 LIGHTING A SPARK Our brand integrations reach a highly dedicated and creative community. Heres how we take your brand, light a spark under it, and let the re spread.6 7
  • SECTION 1: LIGHTING A SPARK We were inspired by the participationTHE and the quality of artwork the community contributed.BRANDEXPERIENCE AMAZING beyond-the- banner placementsWorld-class brands like Disney, Smart Car, Mountain Dew andAdidas have all discovered the unique level of engagementbrands achieve working with the deviantart community. Whetherits challenging users to create a movie poster or outrightdesigning a car, organizing a community based game or evenhosting a live event, we offer you unique, fully customized The community truly embraced theand highly integrated campaigns unavailable anywhere else. artworkusers left commentslinked their profilesandshowcased the submissions. Time spent with brand was incredible. High engagement of the users.8 9
  • SECTION 1: LIGHTING A SPARKOURMASSIVE registered members . pageviews per monthAUDIENCE , unique uploads per day uploads to dateIf youre looking for targeted reach, weve got it. Working with theworlds largest creative community has its perks. Our members span , new users every day , average combined monthly socialthe globe and create content that launches a thousand tweets andFacebook shares. media mentions To call the community active is an understatement. The content created by our members not only captivates fans within the network but from every corner of the globe totaling up to 2.2 billion (yes, with a b) impressions a month. You can take advantage of this massive reach through integrated advertising opportunities that are able to target and reach your desired segment of passionate trendsetters and tastemakers who are creating and inuencing tomorrows style, fashion and culture.10 11
  • SECTION 1: LIGHTING A SPARKOURUNIQUE HOW WEOFFERING TARGET&DeviantART is unlike any other place on the Internet. Our thrivingcommunity gathers around a common interest in art and creativity.Photographers, painters, illustrators, lmmakers, designers andartists of every description call home, but the community also MESSAGEincludes millions of art enthusiasts the legions of fans and artlovers who ock to to appreciate rather than create. Our Being a 10-year old company (thats 100 in internet years)extensive platform enables members to socialize and collaborate with over 16 million registered members, weve learned awith peers, build a fan base in-network, publish original art and lot about their interests and what speaks to them content and connect with social media platformsto further promote content of interest. We call this the Organic Our custom-built targeting and data-collection systemsDistribution Effect, which youll learn all about on page 15. have amassed quite an index and we use them to help focus our efforts based on your preferred audience, matching youOur 4,000 categories include both traditional and digital art with the people you most want to hear your message.covering a staggering array of styles, media, and culture: from neart to manga and anime, street art to fashion photography; lm Were able to ne-tune our targeting through a varietyand animation to poetry and literature, an incredible diversity of keywords, user-behavior, geographic and demographicand depth of creativity ourishes here unlike any place else. information, based upon your specications.12 13
  • SECTION 1: LIGHTING A SPARKTHEORGANICDISTRIBUTIONEFFECTSome might call it our secret sauce. We think of it as a natural by-product of spending 10 years building one of the worlds deepestsocial networks. The Organic Distribution Effect is unique to and occurs when our engaging content intersects with oursocially active membership and visitor base. The Organic Distribution Effect kick- Inuencers then push the content starts when an integrated brand launch is further, to be discovered by a distributed to target audience segments new ring of inuencers, and then within the community as well as another. Its authentic rapid sharing through external social sharing platforms. of easily-consumable content. The visual appeal of the content combined with a highly a