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Charlie and the chocolate factory

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Text of Charlie and the chocolate factory

  • 1. By: Soh Kai Mun,Jamy (15) Hong Kah Secondary School 1B (2011)

2. By:Roald Dahl Call no.: J English DAH 3.

  • Description:Originally published: London: Unwin Hyman, 1987.
  • Call Number:J English DAH
  • Publisher:London : Viking,
  • Creation Date:1995.Identifier:(ISBN) 0670852546Format:375 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.Language:English


  • -In a great town located outside Charlie Buckets house.
  • -Owned by a man called Mr Willy Wonka.
  • -Its not simply an ordinary factory, it is the largest and the most famous factory in the world.
  • -No one is allowed to visit the factory.


  • A boy who lived in poverty in a small wooden house located in a great town.
  • A boy who loved chocolates very much but he cannot afford to buy chocolates.
  • He gets to eat chocolates once in a year when it is his birthday.
  • He always wished to visit Wonkas Factory
  • (Iliked this character as he is a very obedient boy and loves to eat chocolates like I do.)


  • Confectionary genius
  • He has thought up every kind of sweet imaginable in his amazing chocolate factory.
  • I liked Mr Willy Wonka as he invented delicious chocolate. He invented a whole lot of variety whom no one has ever thought of inventing it.


  • Small and cute
  • Work all day without stopping.
  • Lives in trees and eats caterpillars.
  • Speak oompa-loompish, are small and cute and they are unique .
  • (I liked the Oompaloompas as they lived in trees and eat caterpillar.


  • Mr Willy Wonka decided to allow 5 children who found the golden tickets underneath the chocolate packaging to tour the factory.
  • Charlie Buckets is very happy and lucky as he found 2 pennies on the streets and fortunately spend it on chocolates and found a golden ticket.
  • Augustus Gloop ate 2 whole lots of chocolates until he found the golden ticket.
  • Veruca Salt who is spoilt by her parents requested her parents to buy up all the Wonka Bars in town.


  • Violet Beaurerade, who chews gum all the time all day long, after she heard about the golden tickets, she gave up gum and started on chocolates.
  • Mike Teavee found the golden ticket but was not too excited about it.


  • After days of waiting, the Big day arrives , Charlie Bucket, along with the other 4 children embarked on a journey to the factory
  • Mr Wonka took them to the Chocolate Room where Augustus Gloop got sucked up into the Big Chocolate Pipe.
  • Into the Great Gum Machine Room where Violet Beauregrade ate a gum from the machine and turned into a Blueberry.


  • They went down to the Nut room where Veruca Salt got thrown all the way down to the Rubbish Chute by the Squirrels.
  • And they want into the Television-Chocolate Room where Mike Teavee is sent into the Television and came out Shrunk.


  • I think the world should read the Book as it tells us that even if we are poor, it does not mean that we are forever living in poverty which describes Charlie Bucket. Although he may be poor, he never gives up any chance to buy chocolates to find the Golden Ticket. The story also tells us that Naughty children will get into serious trouble and end up in a Nasty State. It tells that Students should always be obedient so that trouble will not fall on us.


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