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  • 1. Media ProductionCopyright Clearance formWith reference to the following production: A2 Media Music Video (Move it 2 the drum)Produced by: Jasmine Lakhani (Davina Padhiar, Ninthuja Saseetharan, Iram Khizar)Dear DJ Chuckie,I am writing this to seek your permission to use Move it 2 the drum for our media studiesvideo / print production.A little background; my group (Davina Padhiar, Ninthuja Saseetharan, Iram Khizar) and I(Jasmine Lakhani) are studying Media Studies at Harrow College (Harrow Weald Campus)in London. We are in our final year of A-levels and hope to receive your consent.At the moment for our Media Studies course, our brief is to create a music video for a songof our choice. My group and I would be honoured to be able to use your song Move it 2 thedrum, with your permission to do so. Your name will appear on the music video to bring toattention that you are the artist.Thank you for your time and consideration.I look forward to hearing your reply.Name (Please print): Jasmine LakhaniE-mail Address: Address:Harrow College (Harrow Weald Campus),Brookshill,Harrow Weald,Middlesex,HA3 6RR