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UltimateWoWGuide has produced the ULTIMATE in-game guide for hungry World of Warcraft players that desperately want to reach the highest level and make lots of gold. Unlike PDF guides our unique guide works inside the game, to constantly tell the player what to do, step-by-step.


  • 1. Dugi CompleteUltimate Wow Guide- Dungeon Leveling-UltimateWoWGuide has produced the ULTIMATE in-game guide for hungry World of Warcraft players that desperately want to reach the highest level and make lots of gold. Unlike PDF guides our unique guide works inside the game, to constantly tell the player what to do, step-by-step. You can test run our guide here, our video presentation below explains how it works. If you need full access to our guide please contact me dave at Dugi Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

2. A Dungeon Strategy for Instance LevelingMost people who play World of Warcraft know that dungeon leveling is the fastest way to level, but not everyone knows the best way to get the most out of the dungeon finder system. Youve got to have a dungeon strategy in order to make the most out of each and every run, and it doesnt hurt to have a dungeon leveling guide to help you, either.Developing Your Dungeon StrategyThe best way to develop your own WoW dungeon strategy is to get a complete understanding of the system, how it works, and why dungeon leveling is the fastest way to go. Dungeon leveling basically involves leveling your character by running chains of dungeons with other players. Its easier than ever to do this because of the dungeon finder tool, which was part of patch 3.3 under the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. The dungeon finder allows you to party with players from other servers, even during your servers off times.Developing your dungeon strategy depends at least partly on what type of class you are. The damage classes will have to wait in line much longer than healing and tanking classes, so its certainly worth it to solo quest while youre waiting for your dungeon group to form. Tanks, on the other hand, may be able to walk in and out of dungeons all day long because there are far fewer tanks than there are DPS classes. Healers are also in high demand, although usually not quite as much as tanks.Dont Forget Your Dungeon QuestsNo dungeon strategy is complete with a plan for dungeon quests. This is one of the most important parts of dungeon leveling, but its often the most forgotten. Dungeon quests offer you double the experience of the quests you do solo because theyre considered to be a 3. lot more difficult. Every dungeon in World of Warcraft have quests that can be done inside of it, although some dungeons only offer quests for either Alliance or Horde characters. Doing just one dungeon quest is like doing two solo quests, so its well worth your time to figure out which quests go with which dungeon.Thankfully, there is now a dungeon leveling guide created specifically for those who want to take advantage of this new way to power level. Dugis Dungeon Leveling Guide covers everything from where to find the quests that go with each dungeon to where to turn them in. The guide even takes into account the fact that you cant use the dungeon finder until your character reaches level 15. It has all the qualities of the traditional leveling guide in addition to the new information you need to know about dungeon leveling.Instance leveling is a great way to bring your character from level 1 to 80 with much less time and effort than it took in the beginning days of WoW. Youll find yourself hopping from dungeon to dungeon and level to level with ease.Better Rewards from Instance LevelingDo you ever wonder why some World of Warcraft players seem to have the best gear, even as theyre leveling their new characters? Its probably because they spend their time instance leveling instead of running solo quests all the time. Instance leveling is the new way to get your character from level 1 to 80 in record time.Better GearOf course its pretty obvious that dungeon leveling gives you much more experience in a shorter amount of time, but there are plenty of other benefits from leveling this way too. One of the best things about instance leveling is all the great gear you have a chance to get. Most 4. of the gear that drops in the instances will never drop on monsters you kill out in the world. The gear that drops off of the dungeon bosses is always top of the line also, which means you really cant do better than picking up your gear in the dungeons.Another way to get better gear is by completing the quests associated with each dungeon. The rewards you get for completing these quests are always better than the rewards from solo quests because Blizzard considers dungeons to be more difficult. Its like a win-win scenario because you get twice the experience and even better gear, simply by dungeon leveling as much as you can.Monetary GainTheres also the monetary gain associated with instance leveling. Youll earn a lot more gold by leveling this way because youll kill more monsters in a shorter amount of time. More monsters means more gold and vendor items to loot.Youll also have access to more items that are rare or useful enough to other players to sell on the auction house. If you dont know how to use the auction house, learning while youre dungeon leveling is the perfect time. If youre not a tailor, you can sell all those stacks of cloth youll get, in addition to any other materials for various professions. There is simply a much wider variety of items that drop inside of dungeons, and instance leveling is the perfect way to see more of these items.Time to ExploreOne thing you will notice when you begin dungeon leveling is that WoW does not include maps with most of the Classic and Burning Crusade dungeons. This can be a bit of a 5. pain, but thankfully some of the new dungeon leveling guides include these maps so youll never get lost again.If you already have at least one level 80 character, then you should try dungeon leveling for your next one. It gives you a chance to explore areas of the game you might not have played before and kill unique monsters and bosses that you havent seen yet. Dungeon leveling puts a whole new spin on the game youve been addicted to for years. Remember, you cant use the dungeon finder until you reach level 15, but those first 14 levels will just fly by on the solo track!Dungeon Leveling Guide for World of WarcraftEver since the original World of Warcraft game came out, diehard fans have been studying the fastest ways to level, and dungeon leveling is the latest and greatest technique for power leveling quickly. The dungeon finder tool makes it easy for both Alliance and Horde players to level their WoW characters almost entirely inside of the games dungeons.Dungeon leveling is very simple. It basically involves using the dungeon finder button located at the bottom of your action bard toward the right side of your screen. The button looks like a small green eye. You arent able to use the dungeon finder until you reach level 15, but you might want to wait one extra level and begin using it after you train your level 16 skills from your class trainer. When youre ready to try dungeon leveling, just click the dungeon finder button to begin looking for a group. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the levels fly by! 6. You may find it to be very helpful to run solo quests while youre waiting for your dungeon group to form, especially if youre one of the DPS, or damage, classes. Tanks and healers will hardly ever have to wait long to find a group.One thing you should never overlook when youre power leveling your way through the dungeon system is the quests. Quests have always been a major part of leveling in World of Warcraft, and they will give you a huge boost when youre instance leveling through the dungeons. Its easy to avoid doing the quests that go with each dungeon, but youll be missing out on a lot of great gear and experience points by not doing them. Dungeon quests award double the experience of solo quests do, which means dungeon leveling will help you power level even faster than simply picking and choosing the right solo quests to do.The only problem with doing all the dungeon quests is that it can be difficult to figure out where to pick up all those quests. Dungeon leveling will take you all around the WoW map, and trying to figure out where the quest pickups are for each dungeon can take a lot of work. This may be a good reason to invest in a dungeon leveling guide like Dugis. Traditional leveling guides were developed long before the dungeon finder system became part of World of Warcraft, but Dugis Dungeon Leveling Guide was developed specifically for the WoW player who wants to power level through the dungeons. A good dungeon leveling guide will tell you where to pick up the dungeon quests, what level you should be when you pick them up, and where to turn them in afterward.Instance leveling is truly a great way to power level your character, and youll probably even discover dozens of Classic and Burning Crusade dungeons youve never played before. Why not try dungeon leveling and see how quickly you can power level? 7. Dungeon Leveling GuidesMany World of Warcraft players have their own strategy for power leveling, but the numbers prove that dungeon leveling is truly the fastest way to go. Youll see your average experience earned per second drastically increase for a number of reasons.More Experience Per HourYoull earn a lot more experience per hour you spend in the dungeons because you dont have to spend precious minutes traveling between zones. The dungeon finder takes you right to your dungeon, no matter where you are currently playing. Cloth-wearing classes like mages and priests will also discover that they spend a lot less time being dead because they have four other people helping them level. Healing classes will also find it much easier to level their healing spec instead of DPS. Dungeon leveling allows them to level purely as a healing class, which, in turn, gives them more time to learn how to heal groups before they reach level 80 and begin doing 10- and 25-man content.More FunDungeon leveling also adds a new layer of fun to this already addicting game. By instance leveling instead of doing solo quests, you get the chance to experience many Classic and Burning Crusade dungeons you probably havent done before. This offers new (but old) content for veteran WoW players and a fresh way to introduce new players to the game.Plus, whats more fun than playing with other people? Every single dungeon you run will be a little different than the one you ran before because the players will be different. Its always fun to watch different people react to the various bosses, which are unique from anything else in the game. 8. Earning Gold Through Enchanting MaterialsAnd dungeon leveling isnt just all about the extra experience. Thats certainly a good enough reason by itself to do it, but instance leveling also opens the door for anyone to learn how to make gold on the auction house. The simplest way to do this is by choosing disenchant on any items you dont need that drop in the dungeon. The disenchant option is only available if you have an enchanter in your group.Players who choose the enchanting profession have the ability to disenchant magical items, and simply having an enchanter in your group will also allow you to disenchant items. Whenever youre in a group and someone loots something that is unique, rare, or magical, a box opens that basically asks you what you want to do with the item. If you need the item, you can select Need. If you have an enchanter in your group, the Disenchant icon will be lit up. If you have no interest in the item and the Disenchant icon is lit up, you should almost always choose to disenchant. This will allow you to get the enchanting materials and sell them on the auction house.There are so many advantages to instance leveling that you simply cant afford not to try it. You wont believe how quickly youre able to power level.Four Reasons You Should Try Dungeon LevelingDungeon leveling came to World of Warcraft with patch 3.3, and it truly is the fastest way to power level your character. The dungeon finder now makes it easy for anyone to find dungeon groups at any time of day. Here are four reasons you should try dungeon leveling. 9. 1. More Experience Instance leveling gets you far more experience than power leveling through solo quests, and there are several reasons for this. First, your down time is kept to a minimum. Youll get many more average kills per second and spend a lot less time trying to track down your corpse after you die. In fact, youll find that you probably dont die as often because you have four other players helping you.Completing the dungeon quests is also a very important part of dungeon leveling. Blizzard has increased the rewards you get for running the dungeons, granting double the experience for dungeon quests. It means youll have to run twice as many solo quests to get the same amount of experience youll get from the dungeon quests.2. Better Rewards Dungeon leveling also gives you access to much better rewards. Youll find that the drops you get from killing the bosses inside of the dungeons are much better quality than the drops youll get from solo questing. Better gear will make you more powerful, which, in turn, makes power leveling your character even easier. Youll also find that the rewards for completing dungeon quests are of much higher quality than the rewards you get for turning in solo quests. Instead of gear thats made up entirely of green items, youll have a chance to get the highest quality blue items that are available for your current level.3. More Fun Instance leveling is also much more fun than playing by yourself. You get a chance to interact with players from other servers and learn how to work as part of a team. Before the dungeon finder, many players didnt set foot in a single dungeon until they reached level 80. Most of these players got all the way to level 80 without a full understanding of the three roles needed for every group: rank, healer, and DPS, also 10. known simply as damage. Dungeon leveling will truly unlock the fun that was meant to be had by all.4. More Gold Instance leveling also gives you a great new way to make gold. All of the old gold guides are out of date now that the dungeon finder exists. Sure, you can farm your way to plenty of gold, but dungeon leveling gives you unique access to enchanting materials whenever you happen to have a player who has the enchanting profession. Enchanting materials always bring in gold on the auction house, and rolling to disenchant green items that you dont need is a great way to get these materials to sell. You also get gold with every single kill, so naturally the amount of gold you make is much higher since youre killing more monsters per second.How to Make WoW Gold By Dungeon LevelingThere are two major questions every World of Warcraft player is always looking for the answer to, and dungeon leveling provides the perfect solution to both of these questions. All WoW players are always t...