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Evaluation Question 3: What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Evaluation question 3

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Page 1: Evaluation question 3

Evaluation Question 3: What have you learned from your

audience feedback?

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• Audience feedback is vital in the developing, and production of our media texts. They outline the positives, in other words, things your should keep and the improvements, things that could be made better.

• In the production of our digipak, website and music video, we were given feedback in many stages to ensure that we were meeting the criteria.

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First Draft of Digipak designs

On the left is the first draft of Swaid Khan’s digipak. Ed Sheeran was used instead of our original artist because we didn’t have pictures of the artist at the time.

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Feedback of First Draft of Digipak

After the first draft of the digipak was made, it was presented to the class in order to collect feedback for the final Digipak design. Everyone in the class gave both positive and negative feedback which gave Swaid an insight into what he should keep in the digipak, and what he should change:

+ Good awareness of layout and page design+ Good framing and use of colour+ Good flow+ Very creative

- A bit too much going on- Good images in hand drawn design, could do with some colour- Reduce things going on at the front

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What did we learn from this audience feedback?

From this piece of audience feedback, we learnt that too much content can have a negative effect. In the first draft, their were many effects which were packed onto the digipak. For example their was orange filters, altered brightness and contrast, piano notes going across the screen etc.

This made the viewers feel like their was too much going on and that it should be toned down. Although we did

get some negative feedback, we did get a lot of

positive feedback. Their was good use, good

flow and it was very creative.

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Final DigipakAfter the feedback was received and with careful consideration, the final digipak was finished. The final feedback was very successful as we didn’t get any negative feedback.

Swaid replaced Ed Sheeran with Krishan, our actual artist. Swaid also toned down the editing by reducing the brightness and contrast which makes the images more visible. Under the new digipak is the feedback that was given to Swaid Khan.

+ Professional font+ Very creative+ There is a consistent look with the use of colour and filter you have used+ Overall looks very professional+ Artist is used in the digipak

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Website Design

The website design was very important because it takes religious representation onto the internet. For this reason, we had to ensure that the website design met the correct criteria.

We sent Mohan’s website design to various people in order to collect feedback. Surprisingly, We did not get any negative feedback as they all thought that the design, content and religious representation was done in a good way. Below is Mohan’s website design:

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What did we learn from the audience feedback

As we didn’t get any negative feedback, we did not have to make any changes to our website design. Below is the positive feedback that was acquired:

+Nice colours

+Looks very simple and easy to get around

+By looking at it I can see straight away that it is a Christian artists web page.

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Music Video

In order to gain a range of feedback, everyone in our group made their own individual draft music video. This was called the individual edit and was made specifically to show the concept of our music video and collect feedback for the final edit.

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We presented the individual cut to everybody in the class, even our own group. The teacher was also present so he could give us his overall view of what was good and bad about the music video. Below is the feedback that was give to us for our individual cuts:

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What did we learn from audience feedback?

Ashish had gained the best feedback, therefore we based our final production on his individual cut. However, we did still take into account all the other feedback that was given us. The shots, pacing and cinematics would be used in the way Ashish used it, as the audience saw this as a positive in Ashish’s individual edit.

Things we kept:

• Location

• Shot lengths

• Range of shots

• Filters

• Cinematics

Things we changed/added: • Had more shots of the artist, less of

the guitar• Fixed the lighting issues in the shots• Fixed the lighting issues we had with

initial filming• Fixed the synching issues we had

with initial filming.

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Music Video Final Edit

Based on everybody in our production groups feedback, careful planning and re-filming the music video. The final music video was complete. We changed many things from the our individual cuts.

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Social Networking feedback

We did not present our final edit in the class so instead, we gave the final edit to the artist, Krishan, and he posted it onto his Facebook page. Facebook is a good way of sharing content, especially user generated content as you can easily get feedback from your family and friends.

We got a range of feedback from Krishan’s peers and people who have listened to his other music. All of the feedback was positive so we knew that we did a good job. On the left is only some of the feedback that Krishan got when he posted this onto his Facebook page.

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Overall, we can see how feedback can have a significant impact on the final design of our final music video and final ancillary tasks. They play an important role in the production, and development of our advanced portfolio. We gained feedback from our media class, and from social networking sites which helped us to improve our final products.