Event Proposal - Bayer Dealer Conference 2013

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Bayer Vietnam gave me a task to develop a proposal for its annual animal health conference. The target audiences are distributors, retailers and 1st class dealers. Thus, in order to serving "tough" audiences have an memorable and exciting event. I have learned from Bayer core values to shape out of the box concept, theme, visual and execution ideas. It consumed quite a lot researching time,but here it is, I love this work. This sharing hopefully get some feedback from viewers and I am able to learn from you.


  • BAYERDEALER CONFERENCE D A L A T - L A M D O N G 06 / 12 / 2013
  • BRIEF 1. PROJECT TITLE: Animal health conference 2013 2. TIME: 06 / 12 / 2013 3. VENUE: Dalat city
  • OBJECTIVES Business summary Client appreciation Enhance Bayer image
  • AUDIENCE INSIGHT Entrepreneurs Distributors 1st class retailers Mid-aged Traveling a lot Meticulous Must be well-served300audiences WHO ARE THEY? WHAT THEY EXPECT? UNIQUEIn term of activities moment MEMORABLE SOPHISTICATEDIn term of message delivery
  • Scientists They spend years working in the laboratory Thousands of experiment Because of one mission make our life better
  • ENTER THE WORLD SCIENTIST OF A c h i e v e m e n t . P a s s i o n . D e d i c a t i o n
  • SCIENCE FOR A BETTER LIFE Visual idea According to concept, the visual idea shall indicate the passion & dedication of Bayer scientists. It shows how Bayer scientists take care of corporate mission Science for a better life.
  • TONE&FEEL MEANINGFUL.MEMORABLE.EXCITING Be inspired by the core value of science foundation of 150 years. Be impressed by key moments of whole event. Get excited with the treasure from Bayer
  • INVITATIONOPTION 1 The invitation will be die-cut on the shape of microscope. The die-cut is able to stand attach with a small platform.
  • INVITATIONOPTION 2 By using the experimental glass as the cover, the printed invitation shall be put inside the glass.
  • M E E T I N G
  • AGENDA No. Time Activities 1 08.30 09.30 Welcome guest Photo shooting 2 09.30 09.35 Opening moment: Achievement of animal health product in 2013 3 09.35 09.40 Opening speech 4 09.40 10.30 Business summary report 5 10.30 11.00 Lucky draw & Reward 6 11.00 11.30 Photo shooting Closing CONFERENCE
  • CHECK-IN Tag every guests a branding pinReceptionists wear uniform like a scientist
  • DECORATION At entrance, audience feel atmosphere with the flag banner decoration
  • DECORATION At foyer, a collection of science achievement of Bayer will be displayed as form of each letter of event theme Science for a better life Each letter illustrates the shape / body of an animal
  • DECORATION A timeline represents achievement of Bayer will be illustrated as the LCD screens. Each footage is valuable moment for an specific events of its animal health products.
  • PHOTO CORNERDecorate airship balloon is lifting the logo of conference. This means Bayer never stops developing animal health division. Die-cut formex Neon sign cover
  • NETWORKING Bayer representatives take care customer, network and request dealers sharing their personal opinion of last year business status. And recommend them solutions with their issues. Serving welcome drink during networking section
  • OPENING MOMENT An video intro that captures all activities in animal health product within 2013
  • SPEECH Representatives of Bayer deliver welcome speech
  • BUSINESS REPORT Representatives of Bayer presents the report of 2013 98% SALE 50% SHARE Unveil the impressive figures & 2014 Objectives The sale, share figures of 2013 and 2014 objectives are printed on vertical banner and covered by a white curtain. When presenter talks about those figures, 02 receptionist will pull down one by one curtain to reveal hidden banners.
  • LUCKY MOLECULE 1. Preparation: A plastic cage, blowing machine, mock-up molecule (marked with seat numbers). 2. How to play: - Blowing machine blows molecule fly around the cage - A guest will be invited and catch the molecules. - The number on the molecule will match with the seat number. - The lucky man will receive the prize immediately.
  • Conference ends.
  • G A L A D I N N E R
  • AGENDA No. Time Activities 1 18.00 18.30 Welcome guest Photo shooting 2 18.30 18.35 Opening moment: 150 years Science for a better life 3 18.35 18.45 Thank you speech Toasting 4 18.45 19.30 Dinner 5 19.15 19.30 Entertainment (part 1) 6 19.30 19.45 Awarding (part 1) 7 19.45 20.00 Games with audiences 8 20.00 20.15 Awarding (part 2) & Lucky draw 9 20.15 20.30 Entertainment (part 2) 10 20.25 20.30 Closing moment GALA DINNER
  • WELCOMING An pianist, whom wears white blouse, entertains guest with classical melody. The piano will be decorated with the hand- writing chemical elements.
  • DECORATION Stage idea A large panel LED to illustrate video, motion of the event
  • OPENING Borrowing Silhouettes dance performance To illustrates the Story OPTION 1 The story Each scientist has to fail sometimes, but any failure teaches them to be patient, to believe each others. The success will not come easily to you like piece of cake. It requires sacrifice, tears and a heart. And by the time it reaches you, it not only brings you joy but also makes human life better
  • OPENING Execution idea An video motion describes the evolution of a molecule, it is growing, growing and growing to completing shape. An cello artist play along with video from slow melody to higher emotion. And ends by the Bayer theme song OPTION 2 The story It is inspired from the Evolution of Life. Any form of life starts from molecule and growing. The same as scientists, they begin studying and researching from molecule, experimenting and combining different ways. Eventually, any successful combination not only makes an evolution but also becomes a revolution to serve human.
  • SPEECH The representative of Bayer shares his gratitude to guests and make a wish for the next prosper year.
  • ENTERTAINERS Kasim Hong V (Option 1) Tr My (Option 2) Phm Anh Khoa or Tho Trang for back-up Selection Criteria - Be able to sing English - Well-interactive - Good vocal
  • GAME 1.FUN QUIZ MC interact with guests by fun quiz about animals / about Bayer achievement Any correct answer will be rewarded 2.PERFECT COUPLE MC will give 02 persons the lookalike 5 images. Person no. 1 arrange 5 images in a row and describe by gesture the order of 5 images to person no. 02. The person no.2 has to arrange his image exact the same order of his teammate. REWARD Health balance bracelet
  • LUCKY DRAW By using a lucky draw software, it randomly pick up guests name. The name will be automatically projected on LED screen
  • AWARDING CLIENTS Bayer representatives gives award to excellent dealers. (The structure of award base on Bayer requests)
  • CLOSING MOMENT Celebrate 150th anniversary Execution idea The MC call up on stage the dealers whom have birthday in December. Then Bayer staffs pull out from backstage the 150th anniversary cake. And together we celebrate dealers birthday as well as Bayer. The signer of event will perform the theme song along with Bayer staff.
  • Gala dinner ends.
  • SUMMARY Entering the world of scientistCONCEPT Science for a better lifeTHEME Scientist dedication and passionVISUAL Meaningful. Memorable. ExcitingT&F Walkway of Achievement: Achievement panel / History board / Photo corner / Others Dcor Harmony of Sc. & Music: Piano co