Famous Celebrities: Before and After

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Even famous people had to start somewhere. See if you can guess who the celebrity is from the trivia information given. Good luck.


  • 1. Before They Became Celebrities FAMOUS CELEBRITIES

2. One of the original members of Orson Welles Mercury Theatre, she played his mother in Citizen Kane. 3. Agnes Moorehead 4. She played Lawrence Harveys mother in The Manchurian Candidate, even though she was only three years older. 5. Angela Lansbury 6. One of her grandchildren thought she was cool because of a hit song by Kim Carnes in 1981. 7. Bette Davis 8. One of the fathers of early rock and roll, he was rescued from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 9. Antoine Fats Domino 10. He had a long time relationship with Jon Moss, drummer for Culture Club. 11. Boy George ODowd 12. By age 16, she had already appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Seventeen and Vogue. 13. Brooke Shields 14. This actor supplied his face to the mask worn by Michael Meyers in the Halloween movies. 15. William Shatner 16. When he was 10, he met Jerry Lewis on the set of The Colgate Comedy Hour. He was also with actress Natalie Wood the night she mysteriously drowned. 17. Christopher Walken 18. He is one of three actors nominated for an Oscar for a performance staged in Japan. The other two are Marlon Brando (Teahouse of the August Moon) and Red Buttons (Sayonara) 19. Bill Murray His movie was Lost in Translation 20. Long before Oprah Winfrey, this lady was the first African-American host of a national talk show. She also toured as a singer with Mahalia Jackson and Nat King Cole. 21. Della Reese 22. He doesnt look it, but he was a World War II veteran with service medals from the Pacific Theatre of Operations and the liberation of the Philippine Islands. 23. Don Knotts 24. The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts told him he would never make it as an actor. He is currently one of the most bankable actors in film history ($3.7 Billion-U.S., $9.6 Billion worldwide) 25. Gary Oldman 26. Was discovered as a go-go dancer in a cage at a Los Angeles night club. Her classmates included Ben Stein and Sylvester Stallone. 27. Goldie Hawn 28. While giving a film lecture at the University of Southern California, his daughter noted that her famous father had two guilty pleasures, the films Smokey and the Bandit and Benji. 29. Alfred Hitchcock 30. She named her daughter after the hit song Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell. 31. Hilary Rodham Clinton 32. A long-time radio mainstay with Bob Hope, she donated over $1 Million to a college fund for aspiring actors. She was only six years older than her TV son-in-law, played by Buddy Ebsen. 33. Irene Ryan 34. Despite her freestyle living in the early days, she is best known for playing royalty in six films to date, including the infamous Caligula. 35. Helen Mirren 36. He starred in four movies alongside comedian Richard Pryor. It would have been five, but Pryor lost out on the lead for Blazing Saddles to Cleavon Little. 37. Gene Wilder 38. Originally with a doo-wop group called The Scholars, he later joined the New Christy Minstrels, then Broke away with several other Minstrels to form the First Edition. 39. Kenny Rogers 40. One of the most celebrated actresses in English history, she had received six Academy Award Nominations, all after the age of 60. Not even Katherine Hepburn could match that. 41. Dame Judi Dench 42. A member of the cast of Saturday Night Live for only one year in 1985, he became the first former SNL member to be nominated for a Best Lead Actor Oscar. 43. Robert Downey Jr. 44. One of the most recognizable characters in TV history, he is a former Sergeant in the U.S. Army (one of his troops was young Ken Berry, later of F-Troop fame). His wife, Susan, is the sister of producer Michael Bay. He has stated his famous hand gesture is a Jewish gesture from a rabbi to his congregation. 45. Leonard Nimoy 46. Scion to one of the richest families in the St. Louis, MO area, he was supposed to follow his father and become a pharmacist. He chose the stage and screen instead. He would also record with both Alice Cooper and Michael Jackson. 47. Vincent Price 48. At the age of 11, she grew 4 inches and lost 20 pounds. Known as the Black Widow for breaking up with boyfriends before they do it first, she became the first African-American woman to appear on the covers of SIs Swimsuit issue, GQ and Victorias Secret. 49. Tyra Banks 50. When he was honored with a square at Graumans Chinese Theater, the sand used to mix the cement was shipped in from Iwo Jima, in honor of one of his best war movies. 51. John Wayne 52. He is known for playing lead characters in two successful film series, X-Men and Lord Of The Rings. One of Margaret Thatchers last acts as Englands Prime Minister was to suggest him for knighthood. 53. Sir Ian Mckellen 54. His first film was the 1926 silent Not To Be Trusted when he was 4. His career continued into the 21st century by the time of his death in April, 2014. 55. Mickey Rooney 56. This man hosted the same network show for 29 years, 7 months, 21 days. Only Bob Barker lasted longer. 57. Johnny Carson 58. There was a reason his act was considered insanehe had been institutionalized for bi-polar disorder twice in his lifetime. One of his TV roles was the adult son of Robin Williams, who idolized him. 59. Jonathan Winters 60. She is one of 12 actors, to date, who have a Triple Crownan Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy. 61. Jessica Tandy 62. One of the few actors who has reprised a role for three different film series Dr. Alex Cross, Lucius Fox and God. 63. Morgan Freeman 64. He has been portrayed in movies by Sir Anthony Hopkins and Frank Langella, the subject of two critical songs by Stevie Wonder and the inspiration for the comic book villain Darkseid. 65. Richard M. Nixon 66. A former model, she was one of the first women stockbrokers on Wall Street this would haunt her in later years. 67. Martha Stewart 68. Before fame as an actress and comedian, she was one of the first active female Marines, rising to the rank of staff sergeant by the time of her discharge from the military. 69. Beatrice Bea Arthur 70. Playing piano since the age of four, at 11 he entered the Royal Academy of Music. Sadly, he dropped out to become a rock star. 71. Sir Elton John