Fun with Celebrities

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PowerPoint Show by Andrew Turn on Speakers

Cardinal Michael Douglas

Sanitation worker: Leonardo DiCaprio

Bill and Hillary

Sparticus Obama

Judge Jim Carrey

Robert Downey Jr.

Cardinal Hugh Hefner

"Punky" Bill Clinton

Father Osbourne

Vladimir Putin

Putin and Obama

George Clooney

Pizza Maker: Robin Williams

Dr. Rowan Atkinson

Playboy Bunny:Hugh Hefner

Hairless George Clooney

Pirate Putin

Father Charlie Sheen

Tom Cruise

Queen Elizabeth

Barack Obama

"The Streaker" Putin

Mexican Farmer:Donald trump

"The New" Obama

"Captain America": Donald trump

Stewardess Katy Perry

George Clooney

Clark Gable and Charlize Theron

The Rolling Priests

Spencer Tracey and Taylor Swift

Gone with the Wind Bill Clinton

Hairless Kim Kardasian

Katy Perry

Sister Miley Cyrus

Hairless Tom Cruise