How Can We Use Phrases In Sentences

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  • 1. How can we use phrases in sentences?
    • Phrases can be used to begin sentences to make them more interesting.
  • They can also be used asmodifiers to give details.
  • They can be used to combine short choppy sentences.

2. How can we improve these sentences?

  • The boy tried to get the attention of the teacher.
  • Susan ran across the street.
  • Mrs. Johnson screamed at the class.
  • The students ran into the room.
  • The bus crossed the bridge.

3. Use a participle to combine the following groups of sentences .

  • Gary was hoping to find his missing socks. He plunged his arm into the dirty clothes hamper.
  • Linda sang the Beatle song she knew. She tried to entertain her guests from England.
  • The woman was talking in a loud raspy voice. The woman annoyed everyone by giving away the movie ending.

4. Rewrite the following sentences; begin each sentence with a phrase.

  • Ted swam through the under water tunnel, holding his breath.
  • The old house, battered by gale force winds, remained undamaged.
  • Cynthia paused for a moment at the top of the stairs.
  • Andre changed his mind at the last minute.
  • Hillarys mom, standing at the top of the ladder, still could not reach the knives.

5. 6. Using phrases at the beginning of sentences

  • He received news of the contest winners after more than a month.
  • Juan, exploring the World Wide Web, found many sites about Ireland.
  • Grandpa Max recalled his childhood, speaking into a mike.
  • The winding road, covered by heavy fog, was impassable.