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1. Game Designed & Developed By: Arth I-Soft Latest Nail Doctor Game for Kids FREE at Google Play 2. About Game Nail Doctor - Kids Game - free kids games for 3 years old. Nail Surgery is an innovative concept as of today. Our mission is to make awesome educational surgery games for kids using an interactive, first-hand virtual surgery experience. Everyone knows that medicine and surgery are bit of boring and weird topic , but we believe that our visitors need an enjoyable, goal-oriented interactive experience to fully grasp the complex or unfamiliar concepts of surgery. 3. Features Injection is used to be done in pill form, or through it Shower is used to remove clay Dryer is used to suck the water and kill small germs by its warm air. Germs killer is used to kill the germs Cotton is used to remove a blood and remove wounds. X- ray is used to scan your toe. Painkiller-Spay is used to relief from toe pain. 4. Nail Doctor - Kids Game 5. Nail Doctor - Kids Game 6. Download