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  • 1. A2 Media Studies EvaluationBrad Linney

2. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms of conventions of realmedia products? 3. My Music Video My music video can be found at the following URL: All being well the link should work fine. Ive had a run in with EMI blockingall my videos. They should all work. However Im working on resolving theissue 4. Andrew GoodwinAndrew Goodwin is a renown media theorist and his theory is particularlyuseful when analysing music videos. His theory consists of six aspects,however some can not be applied to my media project as it a male onlyvideo, my video genre also being rock music means I am unconventional ingenre choice therefore I have an unconventional music video with few closeups therefore analysing a videos use of close up in a video with few closeups is rather pointless. These are four aspects of Goodwins theory that Iwill be analysing with my music video.Relationship between lyrics and the videoRelationship between the music and video illustrating, amplifying or contradictingGenres are diverseLink between text, posters, album, single, music or film 5. Relationship Between Lyrics and VideoThe lyrics for my music video wererather difficult to incorporate into thesong for me, instead I incorporatedtime as a factor rather than lyrics.Such moments I used time are thejump at the start and the famousshout of WHY! to begin the chasesequence. The lyrics give theimpression of anarchy, therefore Iused the modern example ofhoodies, whom most would considerthe current rebellion in society. 6. Relationship between the music and videoillustrating, amplifying or contradicting.The music style is hard rock, or can be interoperated asthe unconventional rap rock genre. It is vital that amusic video, to at least some extent resembles thelyrical content.In my video I have focused on the theme of rebellion andconforming to social masses. The idea of conforming toa social norm is an event that any teenager can relate toand is an important issue in society.I incorporated the rebellion aspect by using in sense thestereotypical view of hoodies being a threat and injoining the threat people feel safer, more like a gang. Inthe video the entire chase sequence is a example ofgang violence in that two are better than one, thereforethe one gets caught. 7. Criticisms explainedOne moment in the video that my target audiencepicked up on that didnt seem right was the kickingleaves, my audience said that it promoted child likeattributes rather than rebellion.When one thinks about it the whole aspect of gangsand rebellion are thoughts of a simple follower or anintelligent leader (Think the Nazis or Stalin). 8. Genres Are DiverseThe genre I used for my music is rock music. I picked this as a personal choice due to my love of the rock and metal genre of music. I chose rock over metal as generally rock is considered more listenable to the mindless masses of people who listen to the same few over-played rock songs (Aerosmith, I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing and Bon Jovi, Livin On A Prayer are such examples).Basically a rock album would get more sales than ametal album due to the increased popularity of thegenre. While it is interesting to note, if the masses ofconformities individuals who fuel the talentless artists,despise metal music, then how come metal artistsstill frequently produce brand new material? It showsthat the metal and rock genres are not as unpopularas is stereotyped by the masses. 9. Conventions of Rock and Pop VideosConventions of a rock video: Close ups of band members playing instruments. Not as many close ups on the singer or band members themselves. Band members rarely make eye contact with the camera unless the song is a balled such as Aerosmith, Dont Wanna Miss A Thing and Five Finger Death Punch; Remember Everything. Conventions of a pop video: Many close ups of the lead singer, showing off theperson as a product due to their aestheticallypleasing looks and figure such as Justin Beiberwho is himself a walking advertisement. No or very few views of people playinginstruments, everything is focused on the singer. Usually utilises many low angle shots to show thefigure and full body of the singer. 10. Conventions Of My VideoConventional aspects of my video: Has few close ups of the band members in general. Only a couple of moments of eye contact in the wholesong. Follows the theme of the song closely (rebellion, powerstruggle).Unconventional aspects of my video: Has some parts of the song has no lip syncing to showthe rebellious aspect and the action sequences. Promotes conforming to an unjust cause that of bullyingand youths. 11. How Have I Incorporated the Same Theme Between my Video and Digi-Pak?My digi-pak follows a similar theme towards the video. When I was shooting the video,my original intent was to incorporate various aspects associated with rebellion andbeing powerful. I originally picked the colour green as I was incorporating a naturaltheme, however I realised when editing my video that green did not suit the productsso I changed it to a grey.The grey can be seen as either an attempt to conform to social norms as everyoneelse does, or the way its intended to be read as the industrial fight back against themasses. I then decided after consulting my target audience to change the colour tofiery, uncontrollable colour scheme which relates to theme of rock and generally looksbetter and more vibrant than the grey but also relates to the theme of rebellion anddanger.I also created a red symbol to stand out on the page, the added yellow inside the circle enables it be seen far more easily and stand out on a shelf against its rivals.