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Welcome to the tour of monuments!!! - Phineas and Ferb {Hetvi Gandhi}This monument is also known as Lal KilaRed Fort

Golconda Fort

I Think it is.This monument was built by Qutab-ud-din-aibakQutab Minar

Red Fort

U think and tell me the answer.This monument was made with white marbleJantar Matar

Taj Mahal

Well think and tell me the answerWhich monument won'Aga Khan Award for Architecture' in the year 2004Agra Fort

India Gate

Well its easy try it out u can answer it.This monument is situated in DelhiTaj Mahal

India Gate

We both know the answer do u know itThis monument is situated in BombayGate way of India

Red Fort

The answer isThis monument was used to see the time in olden daysJantar Mantar

Qutab Minar

Try it out u can answer itThis monument is situated in Uttar PradeshFaterpur Sikri

India Gate

Try it out its very simple.It was built by Quli Qutub Shah Qutab Minar

Golconda Fort

Think u will get the correct answer.This monument is situated in JaipurHawa Mahal

Gate way of India

Try it its not very difficult.We both{Phineas and Ferb} loved teaching u. Hope u have learnt it nicely.

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