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<ol><li> 1. Planning our poster and magazine cover </li><li> 2. Inspirations for Poster We particular liked way the female characters posture looks as if it is being drag and also the way the character has been positioned against a surface . We also like the dark tone of the two posters, because it related to the conventions of a horror film poster and creates fear and suspense.These two posters where the man influence for our poster because it is ideal for our narrative because we could use the victim against the phone box, looking lie she has been possessed.The important aspect of this poster is that involves a phone booth, which relates to our narrative therefore we could use the aspect of using the main character in the phone box. </li><li> 3. Draft of poster Our taglines will be placed here to draw attention from the audience and persuade them to watch the film. The main character Morgan will be placed inside the phone box looking terrified and crying for help. The image will show the surroundings of the phone box.The colour scheme will be black, red and white as these are conventional colours used in horror trailers because they represent several things such a blood, darkness and evilness. The reason why we used this setting for the poster is because it creates a creepy atmosphere which should come across in the poster.The name of our horror film will be placed on the bottom of the page along with the credits. </li><li> 4. Inspirations for magazine cover The aspects of this magazine cover that would influence our magazine cover is the overall layout and colour of the magazine. We also particularly like the way the main character has positioned on the page blending with the background and other elements of the front cover. I feel that the colour of the font and texture of the background would look very effective on our front cover and also work well for the genre and theme of our film.The way in which the character is positioned on the page shows his power, authority and dominance which would definitely be good for our front cover if we chose to use the villain.The layout of this magazine cover is very effective, the use of red to highlight the main cover lines is very eye-catching and also the images at the bottom of the magazine showing what features inside the magazine looks very appealing. This is something to take in account for our magazine. </li><li> 5. Draft of magazine cover The colour scheme for our magazine cover will be black, red and white, like our poster and trailer. We will use artificial low lighting to create a dark black background. The strip along the bottom of the magazinewill advertise other horror movies that are featured inside the magazine, they are important to attract readers to read and buy the magazine.The main focus on our poster will be on the main character which is the old homeless man, to highlight the main star of our horror film.The barcode will be placed here. Although we didnt draw it on here, we will place the film name here. </li><li> 6. Best Photos for Our Magazine cover Once we completed our rough design of how we wanted our magazine cover to look like, we then made sure we did a photoshoot with the villain (victor omolaiye). The shoot was taken during the evening inside, on a black background. We felt these three photos are the ones which would work best on our front cover. Out of all three photos we selected the first one for the front cover our magazine, this is because we liked the way the character is positioned, his facial expression and body language which creates a dark and creepy atmosphere. </li><li> 7. Magazine Title From the three magazine titles that we designed, our favourite was this one because we really like the dripping blood effect, this works really well with the genre of our film. Readers would instantly recognise that our film belongs to the horror genre from the effect of the Empire text. </li></ol>