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  1. 1. Carlos Santana is considered to be one of the best guitarists of all time. This legend is known to have a huge fan following all over the world. In August 2003, he has been named 15th on the magazine of the Rolling Stones List of 100 Great Guitarist of all times. The Mexican born, American Guitarist has recorded and toured successfully, since late 60s. during the 90s, he once again was rediscovered by new generation along with his Supernatural album that involved popular artists like Eric Clapton and Rob Thomas. Carlos is said to have got the roots in Mexico. It is here where he grew and spent a good amount of time learning music. His father was a well accomplished Mariachi Violinist. He took up to violin at the age of 5. However, at the age of 8, he switched on to guitar. it is at this time that the entire family moved on to Tijuana, where he started to play in bars and clubs. By early 60s, his family moved on to San Francisco, where he also followed. In the year 1966, he is credited with creating Santana Blues Band. Inspite of the name, this group in the beginning was a collective. A nominal leader was to be named because of the provision present in the musicians union. His name was shortened, while the band debuted at Fillmore West Theater, present in San Francisco, 16th June, 1968. Later, he had recorded an album Super Session, which had featured himself along with Steve Stills and Mike Bloomfield. It resulted in The Live Adventures of Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield that marked his recording debut. does provide all the necessary and relevant information on Carlos. it is said that his career had actually evolved only from here. He then toured the United States, before the releasing of the album, which includes a notable appearance, in August 1969 at the well known Woodstock festival, which was recorded and filmed. The album that got released the very same month went on to become a major hit among the music lovers, not only in the country, but also across the globe. provides all the details of Carlos and also a wonderful place, where one can get to have all the albums of Carlos to reminisce this legend and to enjoy what is on offer. In short, this great guitarist has been an inspiration to many.


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