Screen grabs from my music magazine front cover

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  • 1. Screen Grabs from my front coverThese are screen shots of the different of the magazine front cover.This shows the stages of how the magazine front cover wasproduced.

2. Firstly I made a layer called background whichwas the layer I used to choose colours for mybackground. I choose pink and purple as themost people said these were their favouritecolours on my questionnaire and they blue Ithought went well with it. 3. Secondly I imported a picture for my main frontcover I cropped the twins out and then draggedthe photo onto my background creating a newlayer. 4. Thirdly I added a title beat` I added effects tothis such as: inner glow but a purple colour. 5. I then added my tag line bringing you the best of pop`I used this as its using the word you so Im involvingthe audience. 6. Then I made the exclusive sign which is my mainheadline. 7. Then I made the cover lines starting with Lady Gaga 8. I then made the Katy Perry cover line whichis also my double page spread 9. I then made more towards making the storyfor the main cover line our rise to fame 10. Then I made another cover line for Natalia kills` 11. I then made the date that the magazine will bepublished one 12. Then the cost and issue number were added to myfront cover 13. I then made a title for my main cover line 14. To finish I added a barcode