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  • 1. Southwest Jewelry

2. Turquoise is the symbol of New Mexicos timeless quality!
The word turquoise comes to us from French and means Turkish stone, seemingly, because the mineral was first introduced to Western Europe from Persia, by the way of Turkey. But the Moors of Spain also delighted in the use of turquoise, their source being North Africa where the ancient Egyptians knew of it as early as the fourth century B.C. In Spanish, the word is turquesa.
Allure of Turquoise; New Mexico Magazine.
3. Self-Adornment is as old as civilization itself. Necklaces and bracelets have been found from the Paleolithic period (c.25,000-18,000BC)Found objects; shells, bones
4. Earliest evidenceof turquoise Northeastern site in Arizona; c.500 ADChacoCanyonc.500-700ADAncestral Pueblo
5. The Most Proficient of All Anteologists
Both species of harvester ants native to New Mexico-the dark brown or blackPogonomyrmex rugosus and the reddish-orange Pogonomyrmex occidentals, or western harvester ants are legendary for debilitating stings that deliver some of the most toxic venom of all insects.
6. Treated or Untreated?
7. #1Real stones brightblue-hard enough to keep shine and can be cut
8. #2Rough Chalk Turquoise:Stabilized treated under high pressure with a clear plastic resin that brought out the brighter shades, began1960s.#3 Dyed stabilized
9. #4 Reconstituted: process begins with tiny chips of turquoise, mixes them with epoxy, then treats them under pressure to create nicely colored chunks big enough to make into jewelry.#5 Temporarily treated: oil, paraffin, lacquer, polishes, powders, pulverized abrasives, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, water; rubbing, soaking, tumbling, boiling on stove or oven; lasts days to months then gone!
10. #5 Plastic:Lowest form
11. Grades of Turquoise
12. Traditional
13. Traditional stylemold of volcanic tuff or tufa carved by White Eagle, 1970s(cuttlebone, sandstone)
14. Other Things to know
Spin cast: Lost wax process
Fabricated: soldered together;
Look carefully at edges, joints, thickness of metal
Fetishes: especially an inanimate object, that is revered or worshiped because it is believed to have magical powers or be animated by a spirit
15. Cerrillos Mine OwnerDoug Magnus
16. Ray TraceyNavajo Nation
17. Things To AskIf over $35.00
* History of piece?
*Stating source of the stone. What kind of Turquoise: Treated or Untreated, Stabilized, Dyed ?
* Hallmarks- Artists, 925, sterling?
* Guarantee Indian handmade; tribal affiliation?
*ALWAYS---- Get a Receipt!
ITs THE LAW: to protect you!
18. Good