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  1. 1. {Lawrence Walsh is privately owned and family run, by people whoshare the same passion to provide customers with outstandingquality. Rooted in traditional values, Lawrence Walsh is dedicated tocreating well-designed sustainable furniture, fitted in your home byskilled craftsmen
  2. 2. {Our team of friendly staff have a vast set of skills between them, fromthe design and business world, allowing us to provide our customerswith a unique and memorable experience. Our reputation amongstour customers has allowed us to continue our craft for years on endand we are proud to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year.
  3. 3. {Our philosophy at Lawrence Walsh is to create and produce welldesigned, sustainable furniture. We strive to create timelessfurniture that is not only highly practical and durable, but is eyecatching. We supply a wide range of wardrobe and cabinetdesigns with storage solutions to suit each customers needs.
  4. 4. {We achieve this by providing courteous, speedy and efficient service,from conception to completion, ensuring that all our customersexpectations are met. The beauty of our timeless furniture designs isthat they will be as functional, fresh and eye catching in years tocome, as they are when they are first installed. We hope they willrelax and enjoy their comfortable home.
  5. 5. We pride{ourselves on the attention to detail on every project wecarry out. Our solid construction and timeless designs make upour core product range. From Classical to Modern andContemporary, our designs give clients a vast selection to choosefrom. We provide our customers with a wide choice of finishes.For more information please visit our