Famous Dishes of Pakistan

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  • Famous Dishes in Pakistan Beaconhouse School SystemJubilee Campus Karachi

  • Mouth Sizzling Food.. Among all the things Pakistan is famous for, food tops the chart. Pakistani food is famous worldwide because of its taste, its color and its sweet smell. The specialty of Pakistani food is many folds its taste is so good that people across globe want to taste Pakistani food even if it is spicy. Pakistani food does not only contain vegetables but also meat, both red and white. So, if you want Pakistani food be sure that there is a huge variety of dishes waiting for you.

  • Best Punjabi Lunch; Sarsoun Ka Saag, Makkai Ki Roti and Achaar

  • Yummy Chunnay with Dahi and Coriandar (Dhaniya)

  • Delicious Channa Pulao, a Popular Dish

  • Mouth-watering Seekh Kababs

  • Tempting Beef Shami Kababs with Salad

  • Mouthwatering Chappal Kababs, a Favourite Dish in KPK

  • Kofta (Meat Balls) Curry

  • Appetizing Purrian Chunnay

  • Local Pizza of PeshawarThese are naans and also called masalidara rotai or tikala by locals of Peshawar. Tikala means food , khana, roti, etc

  • Samosa with Green Chutni

  • Gol Gappay: The Street Snack

  • Rasmalai, a Dessert

  • Jalebi, a Sweet Treat

  • Qulfa with Falooda: A Tasty Sweet Delight

  • Qulfi (Ice Cream) with Pistachio and Almond

  • Lassi (Buttermilk), a Favourite Pakistani Drink

  • Gannay Ka Russ (Sugarcane Juice)

  • Baraf Ka Gola (Ice Candy)

  • Maroonda: Pakistani Rice Cracker, A Poor Mans Dessert