Recycled shipping containers as concessions solution

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How the Indianapolis Eleven soccer team used recycled shipping containers as a concessions solution.


  • 1. INDY ELEVEN The Indianapolis soccer team needed a concessions solution for their new home. They scored with recycled shipping containers.

2. When NASL team Indy Eleven chose their new home, the 11,000 seat Michael A. Carroll Stadium, managers had to deal with the fact that the facility had virtually no means to serve concessions. The venue 3. Their options were limited by these criteria: 1. It had to be affordable 2. It had to be compact and fit within tight spaces 3. It had to be made available quickly to meet opening games 4. It couldnt involve meddling with the existing infrastructure. The venue 4. The team talked with executives at Ikoniq, who counseled them that a repurposed shipping container would suit them ideally. The solution 5. Shipping containers are easily repurposed into a variety of applications, and because they were designed to endure the harshest of transoceanic voyages, they are incredibly durable. In addition, because the cost is so great to ship them back empty, most simply rust away in warehouse storage yards. The solution 6. Space inside is sufficiently ample to enable several people to work behind a counter, which can be deep enough to accommodate POS systems, food and direct access to customers. The solution 7. Most every sports fan knows that stadium food items are going to be priced higher than they would be at the grocery. By providing a high- quality environment as a backdrop, food vendors can do a better job emotionally justifying the price difference. The solution 8. Multiple points-of-sale, with condiments placed away from the counter, help ensure fast service during half-time slams. The solution 9. Raised awnings shelter customers from sun and rain The solution 10. and help secure the containers when not in use. The solution 11. The container solution was a really good one for us. We were able to place them quickly, in multiple different locations. They were very cost-effective and worked well in our tight timeframe. And of course theyre great for our fans, to give them access to so many different points-of-sale they otherwise wouldnt have. Tom Dunmore, Indy Eleven VP of Marketing and Operations 12. For more information on how recycled shipping containers, modular construction and innovative carts and kiosks can answer your foodservice or retail needs, call Ikoniq today. 585.393.9888


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