Top 10 Sweet Dishes for Christmas!

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Top 10 Sweet Dishes for Christmas.

Neureos The most famous sweet dish made in Christmas. It is commonly known as Neureos in Goa and Sweet Karanji in Maharashtra.

KulkulsIt is crunchy inch-long curled or shell shaped sweetened fried dough sweets made up from sugar, flour, eggs, milk and butter. Kulkuls can be in several shapes like hearts, spades, diamonds etc.

BebincaIt is a multi layered cake made from egg yolks, sugar flour coconut, coconut milk, salt, nutmeg powder and water. You can take it for breakfast or dessert.

BolinhasThese coconut cookies are lightly crisp on outside and soft inside. Bolinhas is a tea time delight.

Chocolate FudgeChocolate Fudge is the unique combination of semisweet chocolate, butter, condensed milk and dry nuts. Children love this dessert.

Perad or Guava CheesePerad is made from guava pulp, sugar, sour lime and butter. You can eat as a dessert.

JujubsIts a chewy, fruity, jujube candy mostly famous in childrens.

MarzipanIts an almond paste made from ground almonds, sugar and whole egg or egg whites. It is used in making Christmas cakes and pastries.

NankhataiNankhatai is an egg less cookies.

SnowballsIt is another form of cookies made from flour, sugar and cardamom powder. They are dusted with powdered sugar to give a snow effect.

All in AllHope this information helps you.There are many Sweet Shops in Nagpur where you get all dishes.