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Thank you all for being such a wonderful part of the LADIESFUND community. Its your support, ideas and participation that has made our Foundation go from strength to strength and 2015 a milestones year for LADIESFUND 3rd LADIESFUND Pakistan Star Speed Networking Luncheon at BritishDawood Global Foundation (DGF) and the British Deputy High Commission, Karachi partnered to host Pakistan's premier women professionals and entrepreneurs Speed Networking Luncheon 2015 on Saturday, 17th January at the British Deputy High Commission, Karachi; this year with an exciting star component with the announcement of the LADIESFUND 2015 Women of Inspiration: Aamina Sheikh, Atiqa Odho, Nadia Hussain, Saeeda Mandviwalla, Saman Malik, Seema Tahir, Shamaeel Ansari, Shamain Faruque, Shireen Anwar, Tina Sani and Wardha Saleem.More than 100 women professionals and entrepreneurs from leading multi-nationals, retail, medical, accountancy, legal sectors, NGOs and youth programs gathered to form professional friendships, meet potential clients and build/strengthen their network for career advancement purposes.Last years Speed Networking Luncheon was the first of its kind in Pakistan, which replicated the Harvard-style speed networking where more than 100 guests were seated face-to-face to network with each other, with a ringer every five minutes for the attendees to rotate to the next conversation. This year, the networking was done by round tables and each table featured one celebrity successful Woman of Inspiration leading the networking and mentorship that took place. In addition to the 2014 LADIESFUND Women of Inspiration, iconic past LADIESFUND Award winners Sheema Kermani, Ameena Saiyid, Zeenat Saeed Ahmed and Raheel Tariq Khan also hosted tables.The funds that were generated from the luncheon will be utilized towards the charitable efforts of DGF for women advancement. To date, DGF has educated 550 deserving girls to become journalists through its Educate a Girl programme and has just started #peshawar150 to educate girls in the name of innocents whose lives were lost in that tragedy.

LADIESFUND Women of Inspiration 2015 with President Dawood Global Foundation, Tara Uzra Dawood.

LADIESFUND Pakistan Power Lunch Series Dawood Global Foundation introduced the LADIESFUND Power Lunches in order to facilitate networking, deal making and professional friendships among women business owners and executives. These small gatherings also guide the women on making formal introductions and clear communication, such as stating their short term and long term needs as well as what value they offer to others. This is critical in facilitating their brands from standing out in todays market.

4th LADIESFUND Power LunchApril 2015LADIESFUND held another fabulous Power Lunch on February 21, 2015 at Okra. Lots of fresh faces plus some wonderful patrons like Maliha Bhimjee & Zeenat S. Ahmed came out. The food was spectacular and the turn out simply heartwarming.

5th LADIESFUND Power LunchApril 2015LADIESFUND held another fabulous Power Lunch#LFPower on April 5, 2015 at Okra. Lots of fresh faces plus some wonderful patrons like Maliha Bhimjee, DGF Fundraising Chair Nazneen Tariq Khan and LF Exec member Fatima Shamsie, came out. The food was spectacular and the turn out very heartwarming. There were 22 women who we had to turn away as registration was so full.

6th LADIESFUND Power LunchAugust 2015LADIESFUND held another fabulous Power Lunch on August 8, 2015 at Okra. Lots of fresh faces plus some wonderful patrons like Zeenat S. Ahmed and Corporate Members like Moneeza Butt came out. The food was spectacular and the turn out simply heartwarming.

7th LADIESFUND Power LunchDecember 2015Dawood Global Foundation held the 7th LADIESFUND Power Lunch at Okra, Karachi. Dynamic women business owners and executives networked, made deals and formed professional friendships. Attendees included Hafsa Haseeb, Asma Mohsin, Nighat Feroze, Fatima Asad et al.

7th LADIESFUND Womens Awards 2015We celebrated our 7th LADIESFUND Womens Awards for Pakistan 2015 at Sindh Governor House on 7th March, 2015 where four hundred of the most dynamic and inspiring women in Pakistan were in attendance including Pakistans only astronaut Namira Salim, the widow of brave Peshawar APS schoolteacher Saima Tariq, and lifetime achievement winners and Guests of Honour Noorjehan Bilgrami and Zubeida Mustafa. The star-studded event attracted the Whos Who of Pakistan including Kaukab & Pomme Shahbaz, Laeeq Akbar, Nafisa Bhutto, Nilofer Saeed, Irum Bibi Faruque (MPA), Chief Ministers daughter Mona Shah, Talat Hashimi, Zeenat S. Ahmed, Nazneen Tariq Khan, Abrar Hasan (CEO, National Foods), Muna Siddiqui, Zahida Habib, Michael Foley (CEO, Telenor), Danish Wakeel (Mr. Commonwealth), Nida Azwer, Nargis Soorty, Dr. Parveen Kanji, Mehar Jawad, Alycia Dias, Hasan Rizvi, Akbar Chaudhry, et al. The ceremony was graced by Swiss Consul General Emil Wyss and his wife Arie, Turkish Consul General Murat Onart and his wife Arzu, French Consul General Francois Dall Orzu, Vice Consul General of the Sultanate of Oman Abdullah Hamed Al Shamsi and US Consulate Attach BrookeE. deMontluzin.

The Pioneer Award was won by Namira Salim, Pakistans astronaut, and the Courage Award by Najma Sadeque (posthumous) and accepted by her daughter Denab. The Khushalidol Award was won by late APS school teachers Saima Tariq and Tahira Qazi. Brig. Tariq, spouse of Saima, flew from Peshawar to accept on his late wifes behalf. He gave a heartfelt speech and then Dawood Global Foundation had him present 10 scholarships to educate deserving girls, five in the name of his wife, and 5 in the name of her colleague. The Bachelors scholarships were Nargis Soorty Scholarship (won by Alycia Dias), WEN Scholarship (won by Yamna Babar), SkinMedica (won by Kainat Chuttal) and Zein Obagi (won by Yusra Tufail). The Aliya Ahmed Internatioanl Fellowship to Germany was won by Komal Gopi. The 2015 Trailblazer, Momentum and Woman of the Year Award Winners - Peoples Choice were won by Momina Duraid, Shafaq Habib and Hina Dil Pazeer respectively.

The very competitive Peoples Choice awards were selected based on on-air and online campaigns by Dawood Global Foundation, LADIESFUND, CityFM89, karachisnob.com and the media of Pakistan.

LADIESFUND Executives and 2015 #LFA Winners along with Tara Uzra Dawood, President Dawood Global Foundation

LADIESFUND Educational Seminars 2015Gucci and Dawood Global Foundation partnered to host LADIESFUND's Girls Night Out 2015 and launch new fragrance Gucci Bamboo nationwide, with the support of SHRM Forum Pakistan and Sensation, to help facilitate professional networking and business educational advancement for women professionals and SMEs in Pakistan. This women empowerment and educational event - which expands upon Gucci's world famous Chime for Change campaignhttp://www.chimeforchange.org/- is meant to bring career women together with opportunities for mutual respect, glamour and to create a community of pride for working women in Pakistan. Corporate attendees will receive certificates signed by DGF and SHRM Forum Pakistan certifying their learnings at this event. It is also a fundraiser for Educate a Girl, an award-winning charitable initiative to vocationally train deserving girls to become journalists. Spotted at the event was Hamza Ali Abbasi, Zeba Bakhtiar, Sarwat Gillani, Anam Tanveer, Amna Aqueel, band members of Fuzon, Russian Vice Consuls Alexey Grolov and Vladimir Grin, comedian Mani, Pomme Gohar, Dr. Parveen Kanji, Shafqat Sultana, Fuzzy Faruque, Salina Taqi, Tara Uzra Dawood, Moneeza Butt, among others.

This event signifies the global iconic beauty brand recognizing the importance of women business owners and corporate leaders as their target market and the economic voice and power of the women of Pakistan.

LADIESFUND Educational Seminar team with Chief guests

LADIESFUND Educational Workshop Series The objective of the ladies fund evening seminar is business development, networking, educational, socializing and having a fun filled evening with other working women.

LADIESFUND Educational Workshop: attendees group Photo

LADIESFUND Educational Mompreneurs Workshop : attendees group Photo

LADIESFUND Corporate Launch Dawood Global Foundation, in partnership with the Swiss Consulate and SHRM Forum, and with the support of Fulcrum Consulting, officially launched "LADIESFUND Corporate, an initiative whose mission is to help more Pakistani women become managers, C-Level and on Boards. Held at the Swiss Consulate and hosted by Swiss Consul General Emil Wyss and his wife Arie Wyss, as well as LADIESFUND President Tara Uzra Dawood, the exclusive and intimate guest list included French CG Francois DallOrso, German CG Dr. Tilo Klinner, US CG Brian Heath, Russian CG Olev Avdeev, Bangladeshi Deputy Head of Mission Noor-e-Helal Saifur Rahman, Indonesian CG Hadi Santoso, Japanese CG Akira Ouchi, British Head of Mission Gill Aitkinson, Hon. CG Monaco Charmaine Hidayatullah, Hon. CG Denmark Naheed Irshadullah, Hon. CG Finland Sadia Khan, British Council's Laila Jamil, SHRM Chairman Zahid Mubarak and Fulcrum Consulting CEO Rukhsana Asghar.LADIESFUND Corporate members at Swiss Consulate

LADIESFUND Trade Dawood Global Foundation founded LADIESFUND Trade to help women SMEs with trade between Pakistan and other countries. The programme works closely with several consulates and is in the process of putting together a trade delegation abroad.LADIESFUND Trade with Australian Trade Commissioner The Australian High Commission in partnership with PSTD invited LADIESFUND delegates to women entrepreneur morning #LFTradeOz. Spotted at the event were HE Margaret Adamson, Australian Trade Commissioner Nicola Watkinson, LADIESFUND Patron Zeenat S. Ahmed, LADIESFUND Corporate member Moneeza Butt, and exec members Moneeza Butt and Nadia Gangjee, among others.

LADIESFUND Trade with British Deputy High Commission #LFVIP members were invited to meet with Gill Atkinson, British Deputy Head of Mission, and present one by one their business needs and potential trade interests with the UK. Attendees included

LADIESFUND VIP members with British Deputy High Commission Gill Atkinson at #LFTradeWithGill

LADIESFUND Canada Power Panel 2015Toronto: Dawood Global Foundation held the LADIESFUND Canada Power Panel 2015 at the Pakistan Consulate in Toronto in partnership with the Afghan, Pakistan and Turkish Consulates and Canada Pakistsan Business Council and support of the Indian Consulate. Panelists included Afghan-Canadian lawyer Asma Faiza, Indian Consul General's wife Reeti Mishra, Pakistani-Canadian entrepreneur Aneela Zaib and Turkish-Canadian political candidate Filiz Ozmisir, and David Quance delivered a keynote. Spotted in the packed crowd were hosts Pakistan Consular General Asghar Ali Golo, DGF President Tara Uzra Dawood, Afghan Vice Consul Anita Askaryar, Turkish Consular representative Nuray Ozturk, Canada Pakistan Business Council President Samir Dossal, entrepreneur Shaista Ali, fashion designer Zeebundeh Khaleeli, lawyers Alexandra Amourgis and Shameela Chinoy, among others. The organizing committee included Hassan Ahmed, Nadya Lakdawalla, Shirin Nathani, Ghalib Salam, Hina Bayg and Farah Shams. DGF Contribution Chair Canada Nilufer Mama compered the occasion. All attendees were donors of the award-winning Educate a Girl programme. LADIESFUND Canada Power Panel Committee

LADIESFUND Appreciation Events LADIESFUND members get benefits and perks from many small businesses in Pakistan, as well as opportunities to meet one another. Dawood Global Foundation also routinely holds appreciation events.

LADIESFUND Members with iconic make-up artist & entrepreneur Masarrat MisbahLADIESFUND VIP Members with iconic dancer and social activitist Sheema Kermani


LADIESFUND Advisors Special Thanks to Abdul Kader Jaffer, Khalid Mirza, Khushbakht Shujaat, Dr. Ishrat Husain, Sultana Siddiqui, Shafqat Sultana, Byram Avari, Ghalib Nishtar, Nasreen Jalil, Saad Amanullah Khan, Amir Adnan and Syed Ali Raza.

LADIESFUND Student Volunteers Our student and interns are the heart and the souls of LADIESFUND. We thank each and every one of them for all their hard work and continuous support.

LADIESFUND Special Thanks to the Media We sincerely thank and appreciate the media- radio, television, print, bloggers and social media for their continued support for our mission and movement.LADIESFUND Event Calendar for 2016

January 23, 2016: LADIESFUND SpeedNetworking Luncheon at British Deputy High CommissionFebruary 2016: LADIESFUND Executive, Patrons & Corporate Members Dinner & Movie February 20, 2016: LADIESFUND Women of InfluenceMarch 5, 2016: LFA2016 at Govenors House (8th LADIESFUND Womens Awards for Pakistan)April 9, 2016: LADIESFUND Women of InfluenceMay 9, 2016: LADIESFUND #speednet at Pakistan Consulate in VancouverMay 18, 2016: LADIESFUND Power Panel at Pakistan Consulate in TorontoAugust 13, 2016 LADIESFUND Women of InfluenceAugust 26, 2016: LADIESFUND Evening Seminar (#GNO2016)September 17, 2016: 6th LADIESFUND Entrepreneurship Conference 2016October 2016: LADIESFUND Movie NightDecember 10, 2016: LADIESFUND Women of Influence

Thoughout the year, Educate a Girl winner certificate distribution ceremonies.

Wishing you all the best for 2016!Warm Regards,Team LADIESFUND