Reducing Aerospace and Defense Asset Costs and Improving Visibility

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<ol><li> 1. Reducing Aerospace and Defense Asset Costs and Improving Visibility </li><li> 2. The Department of Defense (DoD) has mandated a landmark policy that requires all assets and personal property owned by the DoD, including assets in the possession of contractors, to be marked with a unique serialized identification number in accordance with MIL-STD-130. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 3. The DoD and all defense contractors must account for all critical DoD assets using IUID barcode labels and plates. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 4. IUID compliance helps them to get paid on time, to meet their contractual obligations, and allows them to avoid costly errors such as rejected shipments or a failed audit. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 5. IUID compliance also helps to meet safety requirements, reduce maintenance costs, enhance asset life, and optimize spare parts management. This greatly reduces the overall costs of assets. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 6. In this presentation, based on our guide, we'll discuss the most cost-effective and efficient ways to achieve IUID compliance. (800) 733-7592 Download Your FREE Guide! </li><li> 7. Keeping track of assets and personal property doesnt necessarily have to be a costly endeavorif you go about it in a way that will increase efficiency and drive quality. Reduce Costs (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 8. Budget cuts and changes in military spending indicate that the defense industry is relying more on commercially developed software that is more affordable and scalable. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 9. With commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software, the costs of maintenance and upgrades are spread across that softwares hundreds of thousands of users. That cost is often a modest ongoing maintenance or licensing fee. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 10. Add to that cost savings, the technical know-how of a commercial enterprise dedicated to IUIDlike A2B Trackingand you have a winning formula. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 11. In fact, CIO Review Magazine recently recognized A2B as one of the top 20 companies focused on delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense, ensuring mission readiness, and helping to close a critical gap between human and technology resources now and in the future. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 12. Tracking high-value, high-technology assets and services in the aerospace and defense industry has become increasingly complex due to changing requirements, heightened security, rising costs, and increased competition. Improve Visibility (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 13. Identifying items consistently and accurately will help facilitate tracking throughout each items life in DoD business systems. The results are improved visibility, as well as reliable and accurate data for program management and accountability purposes. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 14. Keeping track of all these assets is a formidable task. Now add to that task a supply chain that is becoming increasingly complex. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 15. Defense manufacturers will need strategies for managing supply chain disruptions and a system for improving assets visibility. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 16. In addition to tracking items through the supply chain, defense manufacturers will need to actively track the age and condition of spare parts and replacement equipment. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 17. A2B helps you track your assets through an increasingly complex supply chain by allowing you to effectively follow the movement of items and trace their path. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 18. A2B Tracking will enable you to: Achieve greater control over assets regardless of whether they are fixed or moving. Leverage industry best practices that are affordable and scalable. Enhance your accountability with improved asset visibility. Gain better control over regulatory compliance efforts. Manage supply chain demands and disruptions. (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 19. A2B offers a range of barcode and RFID tags, readers, barcode labels, and integrated tracking software to give you visibility into your inventory and assets. We work with world-class hardware manufacturers to deliver affordable and reliable integrated solutions that are designed to help you minimize loss, avoid duplicate purchases, and locate items within the custody of your department or enterprise. About A2B Tracking (800) 733-7592 </li><li> 20. 207 Highpoint Avenue Portsmouth, RI 02871 (800) 733-7592 </li></ol>


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