5 natural ways to lose weight quickly

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5 natural ways to lose weight quickly

By TNT Bureau

Overweight is definitely one of the major health issues that has struck people worldwide. This isnt a good indication at all. People try out a lot of modern ways including technology to reduce weight but often forget about the naturalistic ways. With the following five natural ways, you can lose weight in an effective, fast and safe manner.

Switch over to green tea

Milk tea with loads of sugar tastes good but then, it also hampers digestion and bloats you up. Hence, it is essential that you give preference to green tea at the earliest to experience natural weight loss. Green tea is loaded with 3 main ingredients that aid in weight management. These are theanine, caffeine and catechins. Caffeine acts as a booster for your system and is also actively involved in speeding up the rate of metabolism.

Theanine or amino acids contribute towards the release of dopamine, a chemical substance that relaxes your body and mind.Studies have shown that since catechins have anti-oxidant properties, it helps in lowering the absorption of fats or lipids through our intestinal track. Remember not to add sugar or milk in green tea. For some refreshing flavor, you can always add some ginger to it.

Drink water like a fish

One of the major aspects of natural weight loss is to stay hydrated all day long. There are quite a few myths associated with drinking water in weight loss process. First and foremost, many suggest drinking ice cold water to burn fat. However, this isnt quite true. The key is to keep your body hydrated for smooth functioning of the body, which also includes burning calories.

Drinking plenty of water eliminates harmful stuff from your body and also helps to control hunger pangs. It is advisable that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of fresh water on a daily basis.

Include yogurt in your daily diet

Plain yogurt consists of probiotics that help to improve digestion. It also works wonders for maintaining a strong balance of gut flora which is essential in optimizing digestion and breaking down of fats; this will help to reduce weight. Purchase only low fat yogurt to achieve desirable results in a quick manner.

For those sweet cravers, you can mix honey in the yogurt. Do not use sugar at all. Make sure that the honey is pure and organic.

Gorge on to apples Apples are loaded with essential fibers that help in controlling appetite. So, the next time you crave for something sweet, munch on to an apple instead and your fatty temptation will vanish for good. This fruit is also beneficial in regulation of blood sugar, thus acting as a healthy agent to regulate energy levels and appetite. Also, the presence of pectin in this fruit helps to reduce cholesterol. Since apples contain low sodium, they are useful in preventing excess water weight and water retention.It is suggested that you eat 1 or 2 apples per day and yes, eat the skin as well. Peeling off the skin cuts off all the essential fibers.

Make sure you sleep wellA human body is a cohesive system that requires correct balance of each and everything, including sleep. Do you know that improper sleep habits triggers metabolism? Yes, if you dont sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours per night, your metabolism rate decreases. As a result of which, you might gain weight even if you are on a low fat diet.

It is essential to ensure sufficient amount of sleep. This not only helps to rest your body but also enhances your chances at losing weight effectively and quickly.