Easy Ways to Learn Nursing Terminology

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  1. 1. Easy Ways to Learn Nursing Terminology Tips and tricks that will help you acquire the medical terms in nursing school more easily.
  2. 2. The key word memorization method is a great way to memorize medical terminology. If you have to memorize 500 words in a short period of time, try to break that huge list down into small parts, like 10-20-word lists. Key words
  3. 3. Flash cards help you to memorize key facts with pictures. You only need to learn to associate the photo with the term. If youre a visual type, this method is perfect for you. You can purchase or download the flash cards or you can even create them. Flash cards
  4. 4. Using this memorization technique you need to play with initials. Its not easy, but it can work. Try to make your own version with abbreviations, song, poems, etc.; or learn the best way which works for you. Mnemonics
  5. 5. The easiest way to learn medical words and terminology is by experiencing. The clinicals are a great way to learn by doing. You can do these actions also at home and learn the words until youre confident. Experience
  6. 6. Resting sometimes remains only a far dream. You need to rest and relax, because sleep helps improve your long-term memory. So take time to rest enough and start learning nursing terminology with a fresh mind. Resting well
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