How Do You Get Gynecomastia?

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What causes man boos aka gynecomastia. How do you treat gynecomastia.


  • 1. How Do You GetGynecomastia?How Do I Get Rid of Man Breasts?

2. What is Gynecomastia in Men Gynecomastia otherwise known as man boobs is an enlargement of thechest that looks loose and similar to women breasts This is sadly a common disorder in men. Studies have shown that around40% to 60% of men have gynecomastia. Some men have mild cases but others are unlucky as they develop a chestthat may resembles a womans breast. The three main causes of gynecomastia areHormone imbalancePrescription or illegal drugsExcess fat in the body Photogram by Dr. Mordcai Blau LICENCE 3. What Causes GynecomastiaThe development of man boobs can be caused by three factors.1. It can be due to hormonal imbalance that happens after puberty leading to the increased production of the female hormone oestrogen however it is also present in men in lower quantities. But it can go back to normal again.2. The second factor is drugs. Drugs like heroin, marijuana, amphetamines etc. or prescription drugs like cimetidine, spironolactone and finasteride can cause the development of man boobs. Drugs can also lead to hormonal imbalances. But this can be solved with a change in medication3. It can also be due to excess fat in the body, which is forced to go directly to the chest area contributing to the development of man boobs. Excess fat is the most common reason for the development of man boobs 4. Get Rid of Gynecomastia Excess fat is the most common reason for the development of man boobs.This is because when men gain weight it causes their body to store fat ontheir chest. But dont fret, as with diet and exercise, you can free yourselffrom man boobs. The development of man boobs is what every man wants to avoid and thisis in fact the most devastating thing that can happen to a boy duringadolescence or any man 40 years old or older. People usually stay away fromanomalies like man boobs. Andthis is mostly due to the fact thatmost people dont understand howsome men have chest that lookslike a womans breast.Photogram by Dr. Mordcai Blau LICENCE 5. Treatment for Gynecomastia Surgery can be use to correct man boobs but it is invasive and costly. Discussthis with your doctor if you really want to go down this route. Since most gynecomastia is due to excess fat it makes sense to try to lose thefat from the chest area. But this isnt easy without help and advice. BUT who wants to admit to an embarrassing problem? You need advice on the right diet and exercise.Diet plays a major part in all aspects of our healthso a well balanced diet which reduces excesscarbs will increase health and wellbeing as well asget rid of your man boobs.For more information on diet and exercise visit the Photo by David Shankbone LICENCEChest Chiseler link below