How to Naturally Get Your Child Healthy Without Reliance on Drugs

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  1. 1. How to Naturally Get Your Child Healthywithout Reliance on DrugsPresented by Dr. Gene ClerkinThe Center for Holistic Health
  2. 2. Dr. Gene Clerkin 19 Years in Holistic Health Chiropractic Clinical Nutrition
  3. 3. This Presentation is for You if: You and/or your child have unresolvedhealth challenges You are looking for safe and natural ways toget and stay healthy You are looking for a proactive approach tohealth management
  4. 4. Disturbing Trends Rank 37th in world in health by W.H.O. Highest per capita expenditure on health 75% Spent on Chronic Disease the US is 5% of the worlds population andconsumes over 50% of the drugs
  5. 5. What About the Children? 8%-10% of the 0-18 age on psychotropic meds Prescriptions of a psychotropic medication amongadolescents increased 250% from 1994 to 2001 The annual number of U.S. children ages 2-18prescribed antipsychotic drugs jumped five-foldfrom 1995 to 2002 to an estimated 2.5 million
  6. 6. What About the Children? CDC Autism Rate: 1 in 88 CDC - 1 out of every 6 children are diagnosed witha developmental disorder and / or behavioralproblem. More than 30% of children in the US are overweightor obese Childhood allergies has increased from 5% -20%from 1960 to today
  7. 7. Genetic?Changes in the environment areprimarily responsible for thecurrent epidemic in the UnitedStates because it is not possiblefor the gene pool to change inless than a generation.
  8. 8. Possible Causes? Lifestyle Nutrition Toxicity Maternal
  9. 9. ToxicityHeavy MetalsChemicalsFood Sensitivities
  10. 10. Lack of Proper Nutrition Processed Foods Demineralization of Soil Modifications / Shelf Life / GMOs False or Misleading Information Sugar
  11. 11. A Holistic ApproachIn the BodyAnything can cause anything.
  12. 12. OptionsManage Symptomsor Look for Underlying Causes
  13. 13. Nutrition Response Testing Accurate Inexpensive Real Time Results Organ Specific Track Toxicity Levels Food Sensitivities Accelerated Allergy Clearing
  14. 14. Designed Clinical Nutrition Custom, tailor-made programs Whole Food Supplements Safe & Restore the Foundation
  15. 15. Thank You! If you live within traveling distance of Decatur, Georgia, we invite you to make anappointment and use the promo code SLIDESHAREto receive a Free Evaluation: Parent & Child Call 404-929-0604Offer expires June 30, 2012
  16. 16. The Center for Holistic Health 320 Winn WayDecatur, GA 30030 404-929-0604