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  • 1. State of the Art Ingredients with the LowestCost Per Day! 1

2. Visionary Nielsen shows FDM --Eye vitamin category is a $100 million category Growing category with ageing baby boomers --- Graying of America Aging Baby Boomers: want to take care of themselves, are more active than their parents, and arelooking for the ways to keep healthy One in three older adults will be affected by Macular Degeneration The AREDS 2 study (conducted by the US Government NIH Agency) shows the efficacy of increasedamounts of Lutein and Zeaxanthin and recommends the inclusion of Omega 3 Fish Oil in a daily regimentas the best defense for avoiding Macular Degeneration The Market is currently dominated by two brands Preservision (Bausch and Lomb) I Caps (Alcon Labs) Lots of duplication and similarity between the two leading brands: Duplication in formula Duplication in sizes Confusion by the consumer Some current items require the consumer to take up to 4 tablets per day --very expensive and difficult tocomply2 3. LipotriadA Proud Tradition of Eye Vitamins Lipotriad has a successful 50+ year history the Original EyeVitamin Original Lipotriad is a core item in the independent drug classof trade New owner in 2010; reintroduced product, newgraphics, reintroduced to the Trade Original Lipotriad is a caplet containing 15 ingredientsAnd now introducing the newestmember of the Lipotriad family3 4. Visionary4 5. Lipotriad Visionary Gives the Consumer the right product to help them take care of themselvesConsumers Want: Proven formula backed by research from the US NIH Areds 2studywith Lutein and Omega 3 fish oil ONE dosage per day Easy to swallow soft gel Competitive cost per bottle Tested product; formula is proven seller in Europe Product that helps me to live a better life Helps you see the future 5 6. The New Lipotriad Visionary Delivers What the Consumer Wants Packed with industry leading amounts of the recommended key ingredient-- 12mg of Lutein Also includes 250mg Omega 3 fish oil Formula confirmed by the AREDS 2 study- (Study conducted by the US NIH National Institute ofHealth on eye vitamins) Based on the best selling formulation in Europe Low cost to consumer 60 count bottle keeps the out-of-pocket cost to the consumer affordable Delivers a low cost per day dosage: ONE gel cap per day NOT two or four Addresses consumers needs of wanting more for less Easy to swallow size number 8 soft gelSignificantly smaller than competitiveitems -- Smallest on the market Helps older active adults take care of themselves. Helps You see in the future Easy to Swallow Easy to Remember once per day 6 7. Lipotriad Visionary has all the right ingredientsas recommended by the AREDS 2 study Lutein12.5mg Zeaxanthin1mg Omega 3 250mg Vitamin C 113mg Vitamin E 100lu Zinc17.4mg Copper4mg7 8. Lipotriad Visionary-- Class Leading Lutein The NIH AREDS 2 study confirms that Lutein is the keyingredient for fighting the onset of Age Related Maculardegeneration Lipotriad Visionary 12.5mg Icaps lutein and Omega 310mg Ocuvite 6mg Preservision5mg Preservision 22.5mg Icaps 2mg Nobody even comes close! 8 9. Lipotriad Visionary Lets talk about Omega 3 Consumers today understand the value of Omega 3 It is estimated that consumption of Omega 3 will rise 40%by 2014 AREDS 2 NIH Study recommends Omega 3 for theprevention of Macular Degeneration Todays eye vitamins need to have Omega 3 as a keycomponent to comply with the latest research Lipotriad Visionary contains a full 250mgof Omega 39 10. Lipotriad VisionaryA World Class Eye Vitamin Lipotriad Visionary- Product formulation developedand tested in Europe Ingredients were confirmed by the AREDS 2 studyconducted in the United States Production is in a state-of-the-art facility in Australia Distributed from Edison New Jersey Lipotriad LLC is a minority(female) owned business10 11. Lipotriad VisionarySummary Eye vitamins are a high velocity $100 Million category (Nielson 52 weeks) The eye vitamin category is growing as America is getting older Macular degeneration hits 1 of 3 older adults Lipotriad Visionary ingredients are confirmed by the AREDS 2 NIH study Lipotriad Visionary has class leading 12mg Lutein Lipotriad Visionary has a full 250mg of Omega 3 Lipotriad Visionary is the smallest gel cap (size 8) resulting in the easiesttablet to swallow Lots of duplication and confusion in the category; not so with Lipotriad ONLY one gel cap per day is the recommended dosage Low cost to the consumer per day Lipotriad is ready to ship Q2 201211 12. Is There Room On The Shelf? Eye Vitamins are a high velocity category with $100 million in FDM sales(Nielsen 52 week) It is a growing category Lots of duplication with existing brands in both ingredients and sizes Current products contain large, hard to swallow tablets and caplets, onlyLipotriad Visionary has a number 8 easy to swallow gel cap Lipotriad Visionary delivers all the AREDS 2 recommended ingredients inonly 1 small easy to swallow gel cap! Adds a high value brand to the eye vitamin section that is unique tocompetition Consumers get the best ingredients and a low cost per day! Lipotriad Visionary has outstanding graphics that draw consumers attention 12

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