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Here is the Gap Analysis of Existing Tooth Paste Market in India and creating new product to fulfill the existing Gap in the Market.

Text of New Lauch Of Liquid Tooth Paste Nazneen & Pooja [172 & 168] 2

          • Brand-Tooti Frooti.
        • Product- Liquid Tooth Paste.
        • Category-New Launch

BUDS TO CLEAN YOUR CHILDs SOFT GUMS 2. "Brushing properly fights plaque and cavities! KEY STATISTICS

  • Indian Oral Care Industry - Rs.35 Million.
  • Colgate and HUL contribute around three fourth of Total Market.
  • Other Major Players: Dabur and Anchor Group together contributing around 15%- 20% of total Market


  • Pepsodent Superman
  • Pepsodent Barbie
  • Pepsodent Tom & Jerry

Age Group-4 to 6 Years KIDS SEGMENT IN INDIA Colgate KidsTooth Paste: 6-12 yrs Bubble Fruit-Pink and Blue Above 4 years I brush my teeth twice a day 4. My brand promises me: 5. But I dont have any teethI am too small to brush I need super shield to protect my gums GAP ANALYSIS No Player in Indian Market for Age Group below 3 Years I wan different flavors I wan different colors I wan some thing to desensitize pain of my first tooth ache I wan some thing that can protect and make my gums stronger 6. There is a need of product that prevents decay due to germ spreadafter nursing, Caries prevention, Anti plaque, bad breath removal and can strengthen the gums of my child!! 7.

  • Product Description:
  • Tooti Fruiti Cleaner for baby who are unable to spit out, prevents tooth-decay due to germ spreadafter nursing.
  • Caries prevention, whitening, Anti plaque, bad breath removal.
  • Product Usage:
  • Buds will be provided along with Tooti-Fruiti Liquid Paste. Buds are suppose to be dip in liquid and the gums of children should be clean with that wet bud of liquid.
  • This will not only freshen and clean the mouth of child butwill also provide extra cavity for the gums and will make them more strong.

IDEA Tooti Frootihas come up with liquid Gel especially for Kids below age group of 3 Years. TootiFrooti 8. SITUATION ANALYSIS

  • Target Audience:Upper Middle Class and Upper Class Parents, Pregnant Women,
  • Demographics :
    • Age: 4 Months- 3 Years
    • Target Audience Mother
    • Life Style: Upper Middle Class and Upper Class
  • Behavioral Characteristics :Caring and fussy about hygiene of child, aspire to be the best of all.
  • USP :First time launch of Oral Care Product in the form of liquid for Children 8 months to 3 years.
  • Brand Name :Tooti Fruiti Oral Care

Kids soft Gums can be taken care by cleaning them by tooti Footi Gel and tooti Frooti is also offering buds to dip in the Gel and clean the Gums with bud. 9. Our Touch Points Doctors Gynecologist Yoga Classes for Pregnant Ladies & mothers for new born baby Social Networking Sites Dental Associations Media Parenting Sites Kids & Health Care Magazines Dealers 10. PHASE 1: PRE LAUNCH PREPARATION 11.

  • Pre Launch Preparation
  • Building Network:
  • Meeting With Dealers and Communicating to them about the brand.
  • Meeting with Dentist and Gynecologist and providing them free samples for the same.
  • Identifying the channels of Distribution for the product.
  • Collating the Data according the demographics and psychographics.
  • Pre Launch Preparation of Brand.
  • Aligning with Media for Pre Launch Promotion of Product.
  • Putting PR and Marketing Strategy in place.
  • Contacting with the touch points and distributing the product samples.
  • Getting review about the product samples from experts and publishing the study for the same.

12. PHASE 2: Launch 13.

  • Phase 2: Launch of Brand
  • Launching Brand through Vice President-Indian Dental Association
  • Audience to be called for Launch Plan-
    • Gynecologist and dentist
    • Prospective Mothers [preferably Celebrity Mothers]
    • Star Children in present Entertainment World.
    • Media
    • Dealers

14. Tooti Frooti Approach Social NetworkingSites Advertising Other Touch points Enticing Consumers through IMC. Dentist &Gynecologist Informing and Educating: Yoga Sessions Parenting Websites Engaging Consumers Dealers Retail Stores Clinics Creating Event Properties Sending BDay Greeting Cards On line Games Discount Coupons Health Check up Workshop Blogs & Revies Reaching through distribution Channels Q & A Website 15. Brand Promotion Strategy- First counsel for First Tooth

  • Data Collection:
  • Through Web research and Data Collection of Pregnant mothersthrough :
  • First hand information,
  • through parenting website,
  • by approaching gynecologist,
  • through Yoga Classes,
  • Data collection through matrimonial sitesetc
  • Shops specifically for toddlers and mothers.


  • 2.Promotion for First Counsel for First Tooth through :
  • Online Portals:
    • Baby Health Care Sites
    • Parenting Websites
    • Online Yoga Sessions for Pregnant Ladies
    • Food and Nutrition Sites for Mothers and Toddlers
    • E Magazines related to child care
    • Dental Sites
    • Social Marketing Sites like:
      • Facebook First tooth is no more a pain for child!!!!
      • Orkut- Community only for pregnant womem
      • Community only for parents having new born child
      • [The threads in this sites would involve suggestions for any queries posted online by parents]


  • 3. Creating Pop up ads- Click here to learn 10 ways to make brushing fun
  • Information regarding baby tooth and gum
  • 4. Publishing the research work done for children Gum and how to help the child to over come thepain of first teeth.
  • 5. Publishing reviews of dentist with respect of our product.
  • 6. Appearing in Children Magazine and Flip Over Ads.
  • 7. Putting up online Video Advertisements.
  • 6.Providing Free screen savers of brand Mascot.
  • 7. Creating Tie Ups with Health Care Programs, Yoga Classes for Pregnant Women etc to promote product.


  • For every product sold, 10% of the sales price will go to Charity Fund which will further be utilized for taking dental care of orphan children below age 5 years.
  • Arranging free dental check ups and treatment for children living below poverty line.

CSR 19. Future Prospect About Product

  • In near future, we will create a product line of this category i.e Liquid Gel.
  • This second product will be only targeted to old age people who have lost their teeth and cannot use regular brush. Hence they will be able to use our product with buds to clean their teeth.
  • Further, on the basis of response of market for the brand we will continue with new products like Tooti-Fruti Mouth Freshner, Tooti Fruiti Mouth cleanser etc under same brand name.


  • Customer will be delighted due to high perceived Value for the Product.
  • The USP of Product will attract new unexplored Market.
  • It will keep the competitors at Bay with innovation and new formula.
  • Thus on the whole the above measures will enhance product value and use of new media will serve the purpose of branding, promotion and selling the product.

21. "Brushing properly fights plaque and cavities! But I dont have any teeth I am too small to brush IDEA Tooti Frooti has come up with liquid Gel especially for Kids Kids soft Gums can be taken care by cleaning them by tooti Footi Gel and tooti Frooti is also offering buds to dip in the Gel and clean the Gums with bud. Thank you Tooti Frooti for giving me big SMILE 22. THANK YOU!!

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