Public Health Kent County Council Mental Wellbeing Programme May 2014

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Kent County Council Public Health Department Mental Health and Wellbeing Work Programme Presentation May 2014 including the Six Ways to Wellbeing

Text of Public Health Kent County Council Mental Wellbeing Programme May 2014

Your Life Kent Health

Public Health Kent Programme for Mental Wellbeing and Preventing Mental Illness

Ivan Rudd Public Health Specialist

Dahlgren and Whiteheads Social Model of Health (1991)

Use this to talk about resilience


Why wellbeing matters

Key Public Health England and KCC priority.

KCC 750k three year investment programme to improve mental wellbeing and prevent mental illness

More and more research evidence is showing us how certain actions, activities and practices can improve our moods, reduce the risk of depression, strengthen relationships, and keep us healthy.

Wellbeing Programme: 10 Point Plan

A 10 point Plan for Wellbeing is in progress in order to tackle Adult Mental Wellbeing in Kent as follows:

Large Scale Six Ways to Wellbeing Campaign using social marketing and working with other councils in the south east.

Signposting: The Live it Well website is improved and marketed to the whole population and publicised widely.

Primary Care Community Link Workers : GP practices have workers commissioned from Porchlight by KCC and the CCG. The Community Link Service will link patients to community programmes and wellbeing services.

Community Development and Engagement: Men will be targeted by using an innovative social marketed community engagement programme called KentSheds - . Groundworks South are leading this for us and will also target ex military. It is a peer support and outdoor activity programme that benefits the whole community. Also working with districts to tackle isolation in older people.

Asset Mapping: There are many wellbeing resources that are not funded by KCC or NHS that can be mobilised to improve wellbeing. This research, led by ESRO will work to find these wellbeing resources and map their economic and social impact to support the public and commissioners.

Wellbeing Programme10 Point Plan

Mental Health Inequalities: Conduct large scale mental wellbeing impact assessments (which is an internationally recognised community participation and action planning methodology) to improve outcomes for people in targeted populations.

Training: roll out Mental Health First Aid Training (suicide awareness) systematically across Kent

Improve Health of People with Mental Health Problems: Health Trainers for people in community mental health services

Community Resilience Building via Healthy Living Centres: Working with Libraries and Pharmacies to turn the community into a wellbeing friendly environment

Audit and Evaluation: Continue to provide high quality data and evaluation on our overall performance with this programme as well as suicide and self harm audit and psychological therapy access audit.


Opportunities for staff to learn practical ways to promote mental wellbeing and prevent mental ill health earlier intervention

Creating a better understanding of mental health and well-being within our staff and service

A team action plan to improve wellbeing.

Working with the pilot team to help co-create a new approach to staff well-being themed in line with the Six Ways To Wellbeing

Nigel Fairburn Health and Wellbeing


Take Notice: Creative Commissioning

Contract is to publicise the Six Ways to Wellbeing Campaign on a large scale and through targeted intervention with vulnerable young people.

In West Kent the programme will be delivered in partnership with the Healthy Living Centres: Dartford, Gravesham and Maidstone who have insight into priority communities we wish to target.

In East Kent we are working in partnership with three libraries in; Thanet, Swale and Shepway

Six Ways to Wellbeing

Live It Well Website


Keep Learning: Bees Bookshare

Bee runs a book share scheme where people share the books that they love and hate!

Reading and sharing is a great way to Keep Learning something new

Learning about what others love and dont love to read begins a conversation.

Bees: Story

Connect: Angela's Story

How her friends have helped her since she became a mum

How she shares food and connects with others

Angela: Connect:


Care: Steve and the Parkwood Project

An allotment project for aimed at people isolated in the Parkwood area

A chance to enjoy the outdoors, learn about growing plants

To connect with others

Steve: Care:

Six ways to Wellbeing: Test


Be active

Keep Learning

Take notice




Six Ways to Wellbeing communication plan June - October

May/June: Curiously Well: Keep Learning, Give, Connect, Care. Link to Adult Learners Week 14-20 June and Volunteers Week 1-7 June.

June/July: Art of Wellbeing: Keep Learning, Connect, Care: link to Creative Festivals in Dartford, Gravesham and Maidstone, Thanet, Shepway & Swale. Craft activities, hobbies, collecting, local history etc.

July/August: Sense of Wellbeing: Be Active, Connect, Take Notice. The five senses, children, summer holidays, taking time out to savour the moment.

September/October : The Business of Wellbeing : Taking Notice, Care, Connect, Give. Applying the Six Ways to Wellbeing, at work, as well as at play. Link in with Healthy Businesses/Mindful Employer.

Six Ways to Wellbeing Resources

Free resources to promote Six Ways to Wellbeing:

Artwork & Icons

Six Ways to Wellbeing Game

Six Ways to Wellbeing Activity Sheets

Invitations, posters, flyer templates and more!

We can provide help and resources if you want to hold a wellbeing event and run Six Ways to Wellbeing Seminars to skill you up in sharing the message or email