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1. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup 1849 - Mrs. Charlotte N. Winslow Prepared a soothing syrup to help the stressed 19th-century mothers in baby care Consisted of Morphine sulphate (65 mg/ounce), sodium carbonate, spirits foeniculi, and aqua ammonia Kids were not only at their brattiest but also often died 2. 1872 Best Medicine of the World Infants Preservative Given to Queen Victoria Very popular medicine Instant relief of Whooping cough, Convulsions, Flatulence, Bowel affections, Teething, Thrush Cow pox, Measles, etc. Contained opium 3. Narcotic Cough Syrup Finally in 1910 the New York Times banned the whole narcotic-babysitter concept 4. Cough Syrups Kimball White Pine and Tar Cough Syrup Until 1976, Chloroform was used in cough syrup, toothpastes & ointments Cough remedies contained codeine, Chloroform, Cannabis and Morophia 5. Cough Remedy Smith Glyco-Heroin A mixture of Heroin and glycerin. Heroin was originally developed by Bayer as Cough Elixir, balsams & losenges. 6. Calm Your Cough with Hashish 7. Asthma Cigarettes Dr. Battys Asthma Cigarettes Claimed to provide temporary relief of everything from asthma to colds and bad breath. Not recommended for children < 6. 8. Cigarette for Throat 9. Kilacold chlorine bomb Doctors noticed that flu was less common among workers in the chlorine gas plant The Kilacold chlorine bomb was a teardrop-shaped glass ampoule containing 0.35g of chlorine gas. Claimed to cure the cold of the President of the United States. 10. Carbolic Smoke Ball Company 1892 It claimed to be a cure for influenza and other diseases The smoke ball was a rubber ball with a tube attached. It was filled with carbolic acid The nose would run, flushing out viral infections. 11. 1886 - Godfreys Inhaler 12. Flu Remedies 13. 1890 - Vicks VapoRub 14. Oral Hygine