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Mobile Search and SMS Alerts: Uses for Health

Text of Texting For Health

  • 1. Mobile Search and SMS alerts Uses for health
  • 2. Company Overview
    • Who are we?
    • The leader in SMS search, alerts, and advertising.
    • 4INFO publishes content directly, and on behalf of our partners using our publishing platform.
    • 4INFOs monetizes this content through highly targeted advertising programs with our SMS ad serving technology.
    • Founded in 2004, and headquartered in San Mateo, California
    • Funded by Gannett Company, Inc., Draper Fisher Jurvetson, NBC Universal, Sand Hill Capital, and U.S. Venture Partners.
  • 3. The 4INFO Mobile Network: Top 7 th : CUBS: 2 REDS: 1 * Open 24/7 Reply Dennys From: 44636 4INFO brings together proprietary content, third party publishers, and advertisers to deliver a free and compelling SMS experience. Publishers 4INFO Content Partner Content and more and more weather sports stocks Advertisers and more
  • 4. Some of our premium partners and inventory TV and Online Media Print and Online Media Online Communities and Services Innovative Mobile Companies Facebook Applications Leading Sports Brands
  • 5. Why does mobile matter? Source: eMarketer, August 2006 There will be over 290 million mobile subscribers by 2010 in the US (90% of the population) US Mobile Subscription (millions | percentage US population) 207.9 228.7 249.3 269.2 285.4 296.8 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 70% 77% 83% 88% 93% 95%
  • 6. Why does SMS (Text Messaging) matter?
    • Why is SMS unique?
    • SMS is the most ubiquitous form of communication in mobile outside of voice.
    • SMS advertising is easy to do. Creative can be created in a day and takes up 25% of viewable space.
    • 68% of people 18-34 use SMS (76% of people 18-24 and 50% overall) *
      • 31% of people 18-34 use WAP.
    • *Source: Mobile Marketing Association, Mobile Attitude & Usage Study, November 2007
  • 7. How our users find us Print TV Online
  • 8. Current health SMS offerings
    • Healthy living tips services
      • Daily health tips
        • A service designed to keep subscribers abreast of new study results in medicine, as well as providing helpful tips around diet, exercise, and prevention.
        • Sample tip: Boost antioxidant benefits of green tea by adding in lemon or orange juice.
      • Daily diet tips
        • A daily tip to help subscribers achieve a healthier lifestyle, through highlighting recipes and cooking tips, and tips on maintaining a healthy diet.
        • Sample tip: Kiwi has a low glycemic index, offering a sweet taste with a fraction of the sugar.
    • Personal reminder service
        • A customizable alert product that can be used to remind subscribers of prescription medicine schedules. Alerts can be sent to subscribers mobile phones.
    From: 44636 HEALTH TIP: Boost antioxidant benefits of green tea by adding in lemon or orange juice. Try it now: text DIETS to 44636
  • 9. 2008 Product Roadmap
    • Local health watch services
      • Local allergy alerts
        • A daily SMS alert service for allergy sufferers, designed to keep subscribers aware of local allergen counts in their zip code. Users would receive alerts when their area achieved a high level status.
        • Sample alert: ALLERGY ALERT: Local pollen level today for Palo Alto, CA is medium-high, with predominant pollens being Ceder and Juniper.
      • Local flu warning alerts
        • An alert service to inform subscribers when their local area is experiencing a high rate of reported cases of influenza.
        • Sample alert: FLU ALERT: For the week ending Feb 17 th , 2008, influenza activity continued to increase across the state of CA. The current level is: widespread.
    From: 44636 FLU ALERT: For the week ending Feb 17th, 2008, influenza activity continued to increase across the state of CA. The current level is: widespread.
  • 10. You can build these services too!
    • The 4INFO publishing platform enables health care content producers to produce new text messaging campaigns in less than 5 minutes !
    • No cost to you
    • No cost to end users (*)
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  • 11. 4INFO can help.
    • If you :
    • Currently have a health related mobile product (SMS, WAP, App.)
    • Or
    • b) Have really good health related content, and want to create compelling SMS text messaging products
    Lee McArthur Product Manager - 4INFO Text Lee to 44636 for my contact details