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    Varicose Vein, Juvederm Treatment okcThe Varicose Vein Clinic Of Oklahoma specializes in outpatient, in-office treatmentfor varicose veins and chronic venous disease.

    The Vein Clinic was established in May 2002 by Dr. McMullen, Board CertifiedGeneral and Vascular Surgeon. At inception in 2002, Dr. McMullens clinic was theonly surgeon-directed center in the state of Oklahoma dedicated to treating all aspectsof venous disease. Even today, although other physicians may advertise vein care inOklahoma, Dr. McMullen is the only Vascular Surgeon, expert in every modality forthe most advanced vein care available anywhere.

    Dr. McMullen provides a FREE initial consultation to evaluate your specific venousproblems, using this information to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan foryour individual case. The clinic has on-site Ultrasound, and exams may be done whenindicated for further evaluation.



    Dr. McMullens TeamKevin McMullen, MDSurgeon

    Dr. McMullen received his M.D. degree from Texas A&M College of Medicine in1986, and did his surgical residency at the prestigious Alton Ochsner Clinic andHospital in New Orleans, Louisiana, from 1986 to 1991. He served as Chief Residentduring his final year, receiving many honors as well as publishing several researcharticles on various surgical topics while he was in residency there.

    Dr. McMullen joined the staff of Integris Southwest Medical Center (formerly SouthCommunity Hospital) in 1991 and has been in private practice in Oklahoma City eversince.

    Dr. McMullen is Board Certified by the American College of Surgeons and has beenin private practice in Oklahoma City since 1991. He is a general & vascular surgeon,and he was one of the founding partners of the Surgical Hospital of Oklahoma in 1995,the leading specialty surgical hospital in South Oklahoma City.

    Dr. McMullen is currently both Chief of Staff and Medical Director of the SurgicalHospital.



    Sherri has been with the Clinic since 2006 and works on behalf of our patients tomaximize their insurance benefits for surgical and vein procedures. She is a greatasset to our business office, and is an excellent patient advocate when dealing withinsurance companies.

    La Fonda TateSkin Care ConsultantVein Specialist

    La Fonda Tate has been with Oklahoma Skin Care since its inception. She has beeninstrumental in planning the protocols used for our procedures and has trainedextensively on all aspects of skin care, including cosmeceuticals and the AdvancedCourse for Photo Facial RF, given by the inventors of the procedure, Dr. StephenMulholland and Dr. Patrick Bitter. Fonda takes great pride in her ability to deliveroutstanding results for her patients.

    Michael White

    Hair Restoration

    Michael is one of our hair transplant technicians. He has over 10 years experience andhas been a lead trainer for Neograft since 2008. He has a great artistic talent and isvery detail-oriented in his work. He has a keen sense of what makes a hairrestoration look natural. Michael has been with Dr. McMullen since 2011.

    Sherri Schmidt

    Business Office Manager



    David Rodriguez

    Hair Restoration

    David is one of our hair transplant technicians. He has over 8 years experience andhas a great talent for hairline construction and details that show in our results. Hehas been with Dr. McMullen since 2011.

    Megan Schmidt, R.N.

    Skin Care Consultant

    Megan joined the office in May, 2010 and hasobtained her RN degree as well asworking full-time. She currently performs skin care consultations, laser procedures,and spider vein sclerotherapy.

    Maureen McMullen RodriguezReceptionist

    Dr. McMullens sister Maureen worked with us since 2002 in the Surgical Office, thenjoined the Varicose Vein Clinic as receptionist in 2005. Maureen passed away onFebruary 21, 2009.



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